Project title Organisation Project summary
Equipment storage trailer Kimba Agricultural Horticultural and Floricultural Society Incorporated Purchase of purpose-designed trailer to store and transport equipment for Kimba Show and other community events.
The Thing About Kimba shop local and marketing campaign Kimba Community Development Group Inc Shop local marketing campaign, including staged targeted promotions, customer and business surveys, loyalty cards, and business training sessions and information support.
Construction of a multi-purpose agriculture shed Kimba Area School Council Inc Construction of onsite multi-purpose agriculture shed, to support and further develop Kimba Area School’s agriculture learning programs.
Kimba Heritage and Arts Trail Strategy District Council of Kimba Review, enhance and rebrand the Kimba Town Tourist Walk, including design of trail brochure (with map), trailhead signage and interpretive signage.
Kimba Art Prize support Kimba Community Development Group Inc Support the biennial Kimba Art Show through purchase of storage container, marketing and social media assistance, technical support and database management, and minor tools of trade.
Establishment of the Kimba youth and community hub Kimba Mental Health and Wellbeing Group Inc Establishment of a dedicated onsite youth and community hub, for Our Town, Our Youth workshops and activities and for use by other community groups. Works will include: major renovation of one shed, demolition and rebuilding of another shed and a large decking outside both sheds.
Audio/ Visual Upgrade Sing Australia Kimba New music playing system, laptop and projector to support Sing Australia Kimba practice and performances.
Economic Development Manager and Project Coordinator District Council of Kimba Employment of an Economic Development Manager and Project Coordinator, to support the community and business to build capacity, coordinate communications and maximise grant opportunities and employment to further economic development in the district.
Kimba Catholic Church external woodwork, roof repair and painting The Catholic Diocese of Port Pirie Inc Minor renovation to improve the integrity of the historic Kimba Catholic Church. Works will include: repair of external woodwork, roof, doors and window surrounds, and repainting.
Refurbishment of existing nurses home Kimba District Hospital Ladies Auxiliary Refurbishment of the Kimba Hospital nurses’ accommodation, to improve health, safety and amenities for nursing staff. Works will include a major bathroom upgrade, electrical upgrade and new flooring.
Uniting Church Car Park Upgrade Kimba Uniting Church Upgrade of the car park adjacent to the Kimba Uniting Church, to improve health, safety and amenity for users. The area will be levelled and an open concrete drain constructed.
Refurbishment of the Kimba Opportunity Shop Kimba Uniting Church Refurbishment of the Kimba Op Shop, to improve health, safety and amenity for volunteer staff and customers. Works will include: roof and guttering replacement, and internal painting.
Upgrade of K & K Cricket Clubs facility K and K Cricket Clubs Upgrade of the K and K Cricket Clubs’ facility, to improve health, safety and amenity for members and other users. Works will include: civil works, power connection to shed (for lighting over cricket training nets), and concreting of the shed and veranda.
Resurfacing of tennis courts Waddikee Community Sports Club Incorporated Resurfacing of the Waddikee Sports Club tennis courts, for multi-use activities.
Eyre Hub - Develop Kimba's integrated transport, agriculture hub Eyre Hub Ltd Planning phase for the Eyre Hub integrated multi-user transport and agriculture hub project. Activities will include: project coordination, planning and development, stakeholder engagement, governance support, and detailed analysis and costing to meet the gateway review process.
Kimba Brand Strategy District Council Of Kimba Development and implementation of a brand strategy for Kimba, in consultation with community and stakeholders. Key activities include: brand strategy development, creative development, marketing plan and implementation.
Resurfacing of hospital driveway and carpark Kimba District Hospital Ladies Auxiliary Resurfacing of the Kimba Hospital car park and driveway, for user safety and amenity.
Kimba gymnasium facilities upgrade Kimba Health And Fitness Centre Upgrade of Kimba gymnasium facilities, for to improve health, safety and amenity for patrons. Works will include: include flooring upgrade, installation of security card access system and equipment purchase.
Kitchen facilities upgrade Buckleboo Club Incorporated Upgrade of kitchen facilities at the Buckleboo Club. Works will include: removal of existing kitchen and flooring, site preparation and installation of new flooring, kitchen and appliances.

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