Grant recipient organisation Project title Grant amount
Agrimix Pty Ltd Fully integrated SOC measurement using CO2 flux, remote sensing and models $3,233,725
Agriprove Pty Ltd Multi-Band SAR and Optics as a Novel Soil Carbon Measurement Technology $9,240,000
Carbon Link Operations Pty Ltd Technology for lower cost & accurate Australia-wide soil carbon projects $2,305,674
Carbon Project Australia Pty Ltd Commercialise Carbon Project device and data analysis software $2,401,520
Cloud Agronomics Pty Ltd Kicking the $3/Ha goal by fusing SOC samples with remote sensing/ML $1,819,621
Hone Carbon Pty Ltd On-farm deployment of Hone Lab Red, a low-cost SOC measurement tool $3,252,310
Sensorc Pty Ltd Rapid Assessment of Soil Parameters (RASP) to manage & quantify soil carbon $2,250,928
The University of Queensland Proximal and remote sensing for low-cost soil carbon stock estimation $4,346,681

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