The following applicants received funding offers for projects in Victoria.

Applicant Organisation Grant amount supported Project Description
HeiQ Australia Pty Ltd $1,259,375 HeiQ Australia will establish an industrial scale manufacturing facility in Geelong for short polymer fibre (SPF) materials for the global performance additives market. SPF materials impart additional functionality to a wide range of products including textiles, coatings, electronics, cosmetics and medical devices.
Marand Precision Engineering Pty Ltd $5,000,000 Marand Precision Engineering Pty Ltd will expand its capacity to manufacture and assemble vertical tails for the Joint Strike Fighter F35 at its Moorabbin site and deliver full-rate production volumes. The project will include an expanded temperature-controlled workshop fitted out with precision milling and assembly equipment.
Bombardier Transportation Australia Pty Ltd $3,200,000 Bombardier Transportation Australia Pty Ltd will expand its rail vehicle manufacturing capacity and capability at its site in Dandenong. This will be achieved through installation of assembly lines for robotic welding and electrical propulsion equipment, and extension of its final assembly and testing facilities.
Aluminium Industries of Australia Pty Ltd $2,257,500 Aluminium Industries of Australia Pty Ltd will establish a new facility in Dandenong South to manufacture aluminium components for the light and heavy transportation industries as well as complex metal based engineering industries. The facility will operate in a digital manufacturing environment and include Australia’s largest linear computer numerical control (CNC) machinery.
Walkinshaw Automotive Group Pty Ltd $5,000,000 Walkinshaw Automotive Group Pty Ltd will establish dedicated facilities in Springvale to undertake local market modifications of vehicles from global original equipment manufacturer vehicle product ranges, and manage the supply chain for manufacture of component parts.
Radial Timber Australia Pty Ltd $1,500,000 Radial Timber Australia Pty Ltd will install a new state of the art streamlined radial sawmill at its existing premises in Yarram, Victoria. The new mill will be more efficient in radially sawing more logs into high value products and capable of a significant increase in production.
Trajan Scientific Australia Pty Ltd (Trajan Scientific and Medical) $756,195 Trajan Scientific and Medical will invest in plant and equipment for the production of two new types of high precision glass tubing for the scientific and medical device sectors.
Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia (Vic) Pty Ltd $2,613,379 Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia (Vic) Pty Ltd will invest in plant and equipment at its Kilmore site to introduce the first Australian deployment of innovative new generation dry cast technology, purpose designed for a range of new products for the sewerage and drainage market.
Catalent Australia Pty Ltd $3,380,000 Catalent Australia Pty Ltd aims to capture new pharmaceutical and complementary medicine business by adding production capacity and incorporating productivity improvements at its facility at Braeside, Victoria.
Turrisi Enterprises Pty Ltd $1,585,792 Turrisi Enterprises Pty Ltd is investing in an advanced chassis and suspension manufacturing facility at Campbellfield Victoria, incorporating state of the art robotic production and assembly equipment to more efficiently manufacture its range of caravan chassis and suspension systems.
Rollspack Pty Ltd $850,000 Rollspack Pty Ltd will upgrade its printing, lamination, pouch and bag manufacturing processes with state of the art machinery at its facility in Braeside Victoria, in order to manufacture the next generation of flexible packaging products for both the local and overseas markets particularly for the burgeoning food industries.

South Australia

The following applicants received funding offers for projects in South Australia.

Applicant Organisation Grant amount supported Project Description
Ahrens Group Pty Ltd (SA) $3,083,487 Establish a flat bottom silo manufacturing operation in South Australia which will custom design, engineer, manufacture and construct ‘larger’ silos using world’s best practice and product and design innovations.
Levett Engineering Pty Ltd $1,632,500 Expand high value manufacturing capacity to meet production volumes required by existing contracts for components of the F35 Joint Strike Fighter and accelerate ability to take up new opportunities across diversified markets.
SA Structural Pty Ltd $1,261,140 Installation and commissioning of a state-of-the-art coping machine to cut steel using the dual thermal processes of high definition plasma, where extreme precision & quality finish is required. This will replace a manual steel cutting process, and allow the company to diversify and expand its manufacturing capabilities and competitiveness.
Seeley International Pty Ltd $4,950,306 Establishment of high volume Climate Wizard heat exchanger and cooler production facility.
Mayfield Industries Pty Ltd $1,414,981 Introduction of new plant and equipment, including the latest in Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM), and improvements to Enterprise Resource and Material Requirement Planning for the production of Switchboards and Transportable Switchrooms.
Ennio Pty Ltd $2,442,062 Purchase of newly designed, purpose built, high tech textile equipment, increasing the capacity and improving the productivity of manufacturing operations.The company is seeking to increase its price competitiveness and expand its export markets.
Techno-Plas Pty Ltd $658,873 Expand manufacturing capacity through the installation of three robotic production cells at its injection moulding facility in St Marys. Re-design and upgrade of finished goods pallet racking system.
Mexican Express Pty Ltd $1,650,500 Expansion to the current production and extension of business by commissioning the first aseptic horizontally formed, filled and sealed facility in Australia.

Mexican Expresswill have capabilities to aseptically form 4 side seal and stand-up pouches to fill any liquid food products in a shelf stable format without the need of preservatives.
Mayne Pharma International Pty Ltd $4,000,000 Increase the existing capacity of the spray coating facility with the purchase of a new fluid bed spray coater, which will be used to apply coatings to medicine. Purchase of three key pieces of machinery:
Spray coating equipment including fluid bed, mixing vessels, feeders, controls, lifting devices, maintenance and cleaning equipment; and tablet coating equipment including the solution tank and tablet loader; and chiller.
Taste Master Pty Ltd $999,921 Installation of an automated compounding machine and extrusion extension, and automated cleaning equipment at the company’s manufacturing facility in Lonsdale.
BAE Systems Australia Limited $2,479,500 Establish a complex mill turn capability in hard metals (particularly using the super alloy Inconel).Expand high-value manufacturing activities to encompass engine components for the Joint Strike Fighter, with the potential to access additional market opportunities in aerospace, oil and gas, nuclear and automotive industries.
Stevens Structural Pty Ltd $725,188 Develop a new Advanced Structural Steel Manufacturing Centre to increase workshop efficiencies, increase productivity and capacity and reduce production cycle times at its facility in Edinburgh North.This will involve the purchase of an automatic beam line and a plasma coping robot.
Brauer Natural Medicine Pty Ltd $1,000,000 Expand manufacturing operations to suit small volume runs, and further develop contracted packaging capabilities. Includes the purchase, installation and commissioning of new machinery for production and packaging; and the purchase and implementation of new manufacturing software.
Ezy-Fit Engineering Group Pty Ltd $1,932,850 Through the purchase of CNC turning, machining and measuring equipment, the project will expand the company’s capability to manufacture heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders at its facility in Salisbury South.
A.E.M. Cores Proprietary Limited $550,551 Purchase and installation of two 5-axis milling machines and an upgraded, larger grinding machine in the company’s manufacturing facility in Gillman.

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