The following applicants received funding offers for projects in Victoria.

Applicant Organisation Grant amount supported Project Description
Sealite Pty Ltd $1,084,891 Sealite Pty Ltd will establish a new Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (AMIC) for specialist marine navigation aids and aviation ground lighting systems at Tyabb, Victoria, facilitating an innovative product range and providing increased manufacturing capacity.
MiniFAB (Aust) Pty Ltd $664,310 MiniFAB (Aust) Pty Ltd will expand its manufacturing capacity at Scoresby, Victoria to provide commercial volumes of medical diagnostic consumables with built-in bio-assays and molecular reagents, and leverage research and product development capabilities.
Xlam Australia Pty Ltd $2,500,000 Xlam Australia Pty Ltd will establish Australia’s first cross laminated timber (CLT) manufacturing facility at Wodonga, Victoria, producing an engineered wood product capable of replacing concrete in building structures.
Meyer Timber Pty Ltd $1,555,201 Meyer Timber Pty Ltd trading as Timber Building Systems will establish a pre-fabricated building manufacturing facility in Dandenong, Victoria, allowing it to expand its wholesale timber business into innovative timber panels for use in low to mid-rise commercial and residential buildings.
Textor Technologies Pty Ltd $783,805 Textor Technologies Pty Ltd will invest in automated process control and material handling equipment at its plant in Tullamarine, Victoria, increasing its production capacity by 70% and enabling better trend monitoring of live production data and a faster response to quality issues, improving its efficiency and competitiveness.
Third Zeton Pty Ltd $664,000 Third Zeton Pty Ltd, trading as Tieman Tankers, will establish an automated lean production line for road transport tankers at its manufacturing site in Campbellfield, Victoria, increasing production efficiency by up to 12% and enabling it to compete with imports and reinvest in research and development activities.
Australian Lamb (Colac) Pty Ltd $516,012 Australian Lamb (Colac) Pty Ltd will introduce next generation robotics into its slaughter floor processing chain in Colac, Victoria, to automate the evisceration and brisket cutting operations.
Wilson Transformer Company Proprietary Limited $1,000,000 Wilson Transformer Company Pty Ltd will invest in a dedicated manufacturing line to efficiently produce small transformers at its site in Wodonga, Victoria.
Intervet Australia Pty Limited $2,500,000 Intervet Australia Pty Ltd, trading as MSD Animal Health, will invest in an expansion of its Veterinary Vaccine Manufacturing facility in Bendigo, Victoria, supporting the production of three new regional veterinary vaccines.
Universal Biosensors Pty Ltd $575,000 Universal Biosensors Pty Ltd will invest in the automation of four quality-critical manufacturing processes, as well as in storage environment controls, for the manufacturing of diagnostic test strips used in point-of-care-testing of blood clotting time, at its facility in Rowville, Victoria.
Asaleo Care Limited $519,950 Asaleo Care Limited will invest in equipment to upgrade its range of feminine products with new features at its factory in Springvale VIC.
SNF (Australia) Pty Limited $2,173,333 SNF (Australia) Pty Ltd will establish a liquid acrylamide monomer and solid polyacrylamide plant at Lara, Victoria, enabling it to replace imports and enter new markets such as agricultural water run-off remediation.
Bridgewater Compost Pty Ltd $525,000 The project involves the design and construction of a proprietary production system for a new mushroom growing substrate, which aims to increase mushroom yields from 28-29kg/m2 to 40 kg/m2. This will allow Bridgewater Compost to compete more successfully in both the Australian and

South Australia

The following applicants received funding offers for projects in South Australia.

Applicant Organisation Grant amount supported Project Description
Ellex Medical Pty Ltd $2,500,000 Ellex Medical Pty Ltd will invest in advanced equipment and systems as part of an expansion of its ophthalmic medical device manufacturing capacity, also involving relocation from Adelaide, SA to new premises in Salisbury, SA.
Pfitzner Performance Gearbox Pty Ltd $719,273 Pfitzner Performance Gearbox Pty Ltd will invest in multi-functional machining centres for high performance gearbox manufacturing at its facility in Green Fields, SA.
LaserBond Ltd $1,072,873 LaserBond Ltd will establish an advanced robotic laser additive manufacturing facility for the production of innovative mineral extraction tool system (METS) products at its premises in Cavan, SA.
The Green Dispensary Pty Ltd $2,000,000 The Green Dispensary Pty Ltd will expand its production capability of custom medicines and pharmaceuticals through investment in new plant and equipment and related building modifications at Norwood and St Peters, SA.
Precise Plastic Tooling Pty Ltd $545,000 Precise Plastic Tooling Pty Ltd will install new machinery and equipment at its premises in Edwardstown SA, to provide precision machining and manufacturing services to the medical, electronic, sustainability and associated advanced manufacturing sectors.
Bickford's Australia Pty Ltd as Trustee for Bickfords Australia Unit Trust $2,500,000 Bickford’s Australia Pty Ltd will establish an Ultra-Clean beverage manufacturing line at its premises in Salisbury South, SA, supporting highly flexible manufacturing operations and innovative beverage and packaging options.
Redarc Electronics Pty Ltd as Trustee for Redarc Trust $2,500,000 Redarc Electronics Pty Ltd will undertake a capital expansion program at Lonsdale, SA, to expand its capacity and capability in electronic power management and control systems, penetrate identified export markets and diversify into the domestic defence and medical industries.
Scholle IPN Pty Ltd $1,100,046 Scholle IPN Pty Ltd will invest in advanced manufacturing equipment to provide retail packaging and laminating capability and allow it to supply domestic and export markets with innovative, high performance packaging solutions for the food and beverage sector from its facility in Edinburgh North, SA.
Seeley International Pty Ltd $2,499,597 Seeley International Pty Ltd will invest in advanced manufacturing processes to increase capacity and improve the efficiency of its production of evaporative coolers and Climate Wizard air conditioners at its facility in Lonsdale, SA.

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