Biotome – R&D Tax Incentive customer story


Biotome develops next generation antibody diagnostic tools.

Having access to this R&D Tax Incentive is very helpful. It reduces the risks, or the demands, of capital raising. It’s been a very smooth process for us to work with AusIndustry.
— Dr Samuel Lundin, CEO, Biotome.

Company Profile

Company: Biotome Pty Ltd

Sector: Biotechnology

Location: Perth, WA

Profile: Biotome Pty Ltd is a Perth-based biotechnology company that develops next generation antibody diagnostic tools. Their solutions combine modern technology with precision immunology to address the problems of traditional serology tests.

Biotechnology companies often conduct R&D that includes clinical trials to demonstrate efficacy of new products and processes, such as drugs or diagnostic tools. Companies who conduct R&D that involves clinical trials may be able to rely on the R&DTI clinical trials determination to register their core R&D activities under the program. The determination is designed to help biotechnology companies like Biotome access the R&DTI with greater certainty and less effort.

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