Chobani uses R&D to best utilise local Victorian milk to develop their award winning yogurt in Mulgrave, Victoria.

R&D is critical because it really does make sure we deliver on our mission of better food for more people… Making sure we have got the best possible food is only possible if we do great Research and Development.
— Peter Meek, Managing Director, Chobani Australia

Company Profile

Company: Chobani Pty Ltd

Sector: Manufacturing

Location: Mulgrave, Victoria

Profile: Chobani Pty Ltd manufactures and distributes yogurt products from their Victorian plant, and uses R&D to discover best possible utilisation of local milk profiles, to create the best tasting yogurt. Chobani’s Australian operation is committed to playing its part by helping Australia’s agriculture industry reach annual worth of $100 billion by 2030.

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