What this program offers, I believe, is a de-risked opportunity to start to play around with some of those innovations that may otherwise not have seen the light of day.
— Jacques Markgraaff, COO, LAVO

Company profile

Company: LAVO Hydrogen Storage Technology Pty Ltd

Sector: Energy

Location: Sydney, NSW

Profile: LAVO is a Sydney-based energy storage startup specialising in hydrogen battery technology. For renewable energy sources to be effective in reaching net zero targets, storage solutions are required to dispatch power when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. Using hydrogen to provide long duration energy storage, LAVO’s batteries promise to deliver reliable renewable energy not just when it’s generated but when it’s needed. In collaboration with researchers at the University of New South Wales, LAVO is commercialising technology that can speed the transition to a more sustainable and secure energy system.

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