Ping Services, through the R&D Tax Incentive, were able to develop a world-first monitoring system that uses intelligent listening software to look for wind turbine damage.

"Being a new business with world-first technology we didn't know where we were going, so R&D was completely essential to us developing our product...For us to develop from the concept idea, and then build that through into a commercial product, the [R&DTI] program has been absolutely fundamental to where we have got to now."
— Matthew Stead, CEO, Ping Services

Company profile

Company: Ping Services Pty Ltd

Sector: Software Development

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Profile: Ping Services provide constant and accurate monitoring of wind turbine blade condition. Their intelligent listening technology is now employed at wind farms around the world. Their remote setups allow for early detection of damage and around the clock monitoring.

Ping Systems worked with a Research Service Provider (RSP), the University of Adelaide, to improve the quality of their analytics. Through the R&D Tax Incentive, they helped provide technical expertise and resources to help push forward Ping's projects.

Ping Services have now merged with eologix, an Austria-based sensor technology company. The combined technology of the eologix on-blade sensor system and Ping’s continuous acoustic monitoring system will optimise maintenance, decrease repair costs and increase power generation by delivering a complete blade monitoring solution.

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