Textor Technologies' Andy Butler and Phil Butler with CSIRO's Dr Niall Finn

Textor Technologies Pty Ltd manufactures a range of absorbent fabrics for healthcare and personal care products that help make life a little more comfortable for people.

Designed to absorb moisture and prevent leakage, Textor fabrics are used in wound dressings, incontinence pads, feminine care products and nappies. Their specially designed fabrics help keep skin dry and in good condition.

From humble beginnings, over the last 12 years Textor has transformed into a healthcare and hygiene leader. Textor’s business has grown by 300% and the company now exports across the Asia Pacific region.

Textor director Phillip Butler says that R&D has been key to the advancements Textor has made in product development.

“We’re committed to R&D and support from the R&D tax incentive is helping us grow and become the best manufacturer in our business.”

Textor employs 13 engineers and 2 doctoral researchers who focus on product and process development. The company collaborates with research and business specialists to undertake R&D projects with fantastic results.

“We’ve been working with CSIRO and Kimberly-Clark Australia on a new product for the nappy market,” Mr Butler says. “This material is now available commercially — the result of our successful R&D collaboration project.”

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