Biotechnology covers the areas of life sciences, industrial processing, agriculture and environment.

Biotechnology may provide solutions in:

  • food technology
  • clean technology
  • fuel alternatives
  • molecular electronics
  • improving human health through therapeutics and medical technology.

Read our guides and watch our videos to help you to self-assess the eligibility of your biotechnology activities under the R&DTI.


Watch how a company making and testing a new type of biodegradable coronary stent may be eligible for the R&DTI.

Biotechnology and the R&D Tax Incentive

Biotechnology and the R&D Tax Incentive

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Clinical trials determination

If you are conducting phase 0, I, II, III, pre-market pilot or pre-market pivotal stage clinical trials for an unapproved therapeutic good in Australia, you can use the Industry Research and Development (Clinical Trials) Determination 2022 - external site.

You will only need to show that your activities are covered by the determination rather than explaining how they meet all of the core R&D activity requirements.

Customer story - Alcolizer Technology

Watch the video below to hear the customer story of Alcolizer Technology in developing new drug, alcohol and COVID-19 testing devices. 

Listen to Shannon Bell, Chief Financial Officer of Alcolizer Technology, discuss how the R&D Tax Incentive has helped the company expand their product range and break into new markets.

Customer story - Australian Investment Council

Watch the video below to hear from the Australian Investment Council on the benefits of the clinical trial determination.

Listen to Robyn Tolhurst, Manager of the Australian Investment Council, discuss the benefits of the Clinical Trials determination.

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