Applicant Project title Description Location (Electorate, State) Grant amount
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Optimisation and site trials of catalytic VAM mitigator (VAMMIT) The project aims to accelerate the development of CSIRO’s catalytic VAMMIT to achieve a highly capable and cost-effective catalytic ventilation air methane (VAM) mitigation technology ready for industrial scale-up. Built upon the findings of site trials of their first prototype pilot unit of catalytic VAMMIT, the project will optimise the regenerative catalytic bed structure and system design to directly destruct VAM with 0.2-0.4% methane, which is the typical VAM concentration at Australian coal mines. Existing thermal mitigators cannot effectively destruct VAM <0.3%. The optimised catalytic VAMMIT will be constructed, commissioned and trialled with actual VAM at the mine site to demonstrate its outstanding performance and gain optimal operational parameters. Ryan, QLD $2,050,000
The University of Newcastle Research and design towards scale-up of a catalytic methane mitigation unit The University of Newcastle has developed a catalytic system which exhibits high levels of activity (>90%) and stability under VAM conditions (high humidity, low methane concentrations). The system consists of multidimensional structured supports with minimal pressure drop and small reactor volumes. The project seeks to implement this technology into a system to significantly reduce fugitive methane emissions (over 90%) while using the resulting heat to maintain self-sustaining operation. The proposal seeks to develop the scientific background and design for a 1m3/s VAM demonstration plant. The main outcomes of this project will be an optimised catalyst and support system capable of oxidising fugitive VAM emissions. Newcastle, NSW $2,312,754

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