Saving Native Species Grants (Threat Innovations – also known as ‘Game Changers’)

This opportunity provides funding to deliver improved long-term outcomes for threatened species by developing methods, tools, technologies, or products to manage the impact of broad-scale threats.

This grant is currently closed to applications

What do you get?

A grant of up to $3 million, to cover up to 100% of eligible expenditure.

Who is this for?

Organisations who are developing innovative approaches to threat abatement for the conservation of threatened species.


The objective of the grant opportunity is to develop new tools to mitigate the impact of broad-scale threats on threatened species (Target 19, Action Plan).

The grant opportunity will deliver this objective by funding innovative approaches (such as new methods, tools, technologies, or products) where the proof of concept has already been completed and there is an identified path to using this innovation for conservation threat abatement within Australia.

This funding will deliver benefits to biodiversity, in particular the proposed projects to be funded must identify one or more key threatening processes under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) that will be abated or partially abated by the project.

A secondary objective of the grant opportunity is to assist in contributing to one or more Action Plan targets including:

  • Target 1: All priority species are on track for improved trajectory.
  • Target 4: All priority places are on track to have improved condition.
  • Target 7: Impacts of climate change on priority species and places are identified and actions are underway to strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity.
  • Target 21: At least half the number of projects that benefit priority species and priority places receive private investment or support from partners.


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Key documents

Grant opportunity guidelines

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Sample application form

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Sample grant agreement

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