Additional Funding: On the 16 October 2023, the Commonwealth government announced a further $10 million in funding from the Confiscated Assets Account. This allocation brings the total funding to $50 million for Securing Faith-Based Places grants. The grant opportunity remains closed and no new applications for funding will be accepted.

Securing Faith-Based Places

The Securing Faith-Based Places grant opportunity provides grant funding of up to $500,000 to address the risk of crime and violence through the installation/upgrade of security infrastructure and/or engaging security guards.
This grant is currently closed to applications

What do you get?

Grants from $25,000 to $500,000.

Who is this for?

Faith-based places at risk of crime and violence motivated by religious or racial intolerance.


The Securing Faith-Based Places grant opportunity aims to assist faith-based places and spaces to improve security and safety.

The objective of the program is to support religious schools and pre-schools, places of worship and faith-based community centres to address the risk of crime and violence motivated by religious or racial intolerance through the installation or upgrade of security infrastructure and/or the engagement of security guards at those sites.

The intended outcomes of the program are to:

  • enable faith-based communities to undertake activities safely and free from harassment
  • deter crime and violence at faith-based places
  • improve safety within faith-based communities when attending faith-based places, and
  • contribute to greater community resilience and wellbeing.

Eligible activities must directly relate to the improvement of security measures at a religious school, pre-school, place of worship or faith-based community centre that is facing security risks associated with religious and/or racial intolerance.

You must provide supporting information confirming that the crime and violence is religiously or racially motivated.

Grants available are between $25,000 and $500,000.

The grant amount will be up to 100% of eligible project costs.


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Key documents

Grant opportunity guidelines

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Sample application form

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Sample grant agreement

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Eligibility letter template 1 – Board/CEO confirmation of association with eligible religion

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Eligibility letter template 2 – Authority to undertake project at nominated site

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Frequently asked questions

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Factsheet – Macedonian

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Factsheet – Simplified Chinese

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Factsheet – Vietnamese

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