Recipient organisation Project description Grant amount (ex GST)
Agriprove Pty Ltd Achieving soil carbon sequestration at a large scale with Hone Red Lab $50,000
Axistech Pty Ltd Validation and deployment of carbon sensor probes in Australia $50,000
Carbon Count Pty Ltd Dual Time-Scale Sampling Strategies for large farm soil carbon accounting $69,854
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Australia’s national soil spectral library empowering rapid SOC measurement $50,000
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation In-situ IR sensing for low-cost, accurate detection of soil carbon $100,000
Curtin University DeepSoil-C a soil carbon measurement-modelling solution $70,000
Department of Planning Industry and Environment NSW soil carbon quantification program: Assessing current and novel methods $70,000
Griffith University A mobile and integrated system for accurate in-situ analysis of soil carbon $80,000
Queensland University of Technology Filling the spatial gaps for low-cost soil carbon measurement in rangelands $30,000
Rapid Phenotyping Pty Ltd In-field validation of the Hone Lab Red, a low-cost SOC measurement tool $60,000
SensorcPty Ltd Establishing technical accuracy of soil carbon sensors on Australian soils $70,000
Space Ops Australia Pty Ltd VLEO Satellite Based Soil Carbon Mapping for Australian Agriculture $50,000
The University of Queensland Advancing rapid in-field quantification of Soil Organic Carbon $50,000
University of Melbourne Steps to advance lower-cost, accurate C measurement for Australian soils $75,000
The University Of Sydney Accountable accounting: making reliable estimates of Soil Organic Carbon $50,000
The University Of Sydney Unleashing digital agriculture data for improved soil carbon monitoring $40,000
Ziltek Pty Ltd Lowering the Cost of Soil Carbon Analysis with Mid Infrared Spectroscopy $80,000

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