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Project description

The project is the Eris Launch Vehicle Program

The Eris launch Vehicle is Gilmour Space’s entrant into the growing commercial small satellite launch market. Targeting payloads up to 305 kg to LEO, Eris will provide dedicated launch services domestically and as an export, to the upper end of the small satellite payload range across a wide variety of orbits. Eris will also have the flexibility to offer ride-share launches to various combinations of lighter payloads.

The Eris program comprises two primary elements: the Space Segment, consisting of the Eris launch vehicle and payload(s), and the Ground Segment, encompassing the manufacturing and test facilities, launch vehicle and payload processing facilities, launch facility, ground and mission control centres, and ground stations. These two segments are working together to deliver world-class orbital launch services to a broad domestic and international customer base.

The Space Segment plan for ongoing launches, coupled with the length of time to produce each launch vehicle (6-12months), means that the nature of Eris launch vehicle product program is cyclical. Each launch vehicle undergoes design, procurement, manufacture, assembly, test and resulting launch program phases. The high-level Eris Launch Vehicle Product Program is expected to last many years with launch vehicles expected to be developed and launched during this period.

In addition to the cyclical launch vehicle projects is the Ground Segment which enables Gilmour Space to effectively launch its satellite customers from Australian soil. The high-level Eris Launch Vehicle Product Program scope encompasses the design, development, manufacture, procurement, assembly, test and operations of Gilmour Space’s Bowen Orbital Spaceport launch site in North Queensland, commercial and potential future government launch sites, and other electrical, mechanical, computer and production ground supporting equipment.

Project contact:

Brett Aitcheson, Head of Supply Chain
Work: +61 7 5549 2370

Eligible goods

Eligible Goods List Number Description Effective date End date Customs Tariff Act 1995 Schedule 4 item number
1 Goods for use in the Gilmour Space project 30 November 2021 29 November 2023 41
2 Goods for use in the Gilmour Space project 30 November 2023 31 March 2024 41

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