Your business brand is the representation of your business’s identity. It incorporates your market research and the goals of your business plan. A brand can include a visual identity and a persona. A brand helps your customers easily identify you and can influence how your customers perceive your business.

Business Queensland has a series of articles that can help you understand how to build a brand.

Benefits of a well integrated brand

By establishing a clear brand identity you'll be able to maintain a more consistent identity. You'll have a set of assets, guidelines and processes to use across all your marketing materials. With these you'll have:

  • a brand that can help distinguish you from your competitor
  • a brand that makes your business more recognisable
  • consistent imagery and messaging, regardless of any staff changes
  • strong branding that can increase customer and employee loyalty

Visual identity of a brand

The visual identity of your brand will help establish your place in the market. When building a visual identity, elements you can consider include:

  • the colour palette which will represent your brand
  • the collection of fonts that you will use
  • a set of imagery and graphic elements that will add interest to your documents and marketing
  • any textures or background patterns
  • your logo or identifying symbol that represents your brand

The visual elements should work together and complement each other. They all contribute to how your customers perceive you and how they compare you to other brands. By using them consistently, your brand will maintain a cohesive presence. Whether it is across your social media, website, product packaging or annual reports.

Brand persona

Your visual identity is only one part of your brand. Your brand also includes how you talk to your customers. This includes any social media posts, customer service, website content and reports. By establishing a brand persona, you and all your employees can interact with your customers with a consistent tone and voice. When you do this, consider:

  • who your audience is
  • how do you communicate with your audience
  • what values you would like to embody

Voice and tone is a key aspect of your brand personality. Both are important when ensuring that your business is relatable and approachable to customers.