Next generation medical advancements headline the most recent Aussie businesses to share in $3.2 million in vital grant funding from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

The program’s Accelerating Commercialisation service has been supporting businesses since 2014. In that time, more than $265 million has been awarded through 543 grants.  The service helps these companies expand their networks through connections to angels, strategic investors and other potential partners The highly competitive grant process puts each project through an independent, merit based assessment for the chance to be awarded up to $1 million in matched funding, meaning the business must contribute an equal amount to the project.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is lending its unique support service to expedite the development lifecycle of a wide range of novel ideas and get them to market.

Sydney based med-tech innovators, 3DMorphic have developed a unique automation method for rapid production turnaround of patient specific 3D printed implants. Their advanced manufacturing solution could save expensive operating theatre time and deliver better outcomes for patients. 3DMorphis will use $337k in funding to gain a local Therapeutic Goods Administration listing, and allow commercialisation of this market leading technology nationally and internationally.

Another medical game-changer, VitalTrace have developed a biosensor device providing reliable, real time information on foetal oxygenation and wellbeing during childbirth. The novel device allows obstetricians to make more precise and rapid clinical decisions during labour, with the potential to prevent hypoxic brain injury in babies and safeguard mothers from unnecessary surgical intervention. The Perth-based business will use their $468k grant to complete the vital clinical and regulatory steps towards a commercially viable product.

The additional funded projects are:

  • Battery Graphene Corp have developed low-cost and light-weight battery modules. $297k will allow them to complete the vital product energy certification steps in preparation for market entry.
  • Veyor Digital have developed a collaborative scheduling platform connecting complex construction industry supply chains and work processes. $431k will be used to commercialise the platform and achieve a more connected and productive construction environment.
  • Compella Compression and their innovative wellhead gas compressor design will enhance production volumes and potentially eliminate the need for fracking to extract gas from low flow wells. $499k will be used to help commercialise this product and achieve first sales commitments.
  • A novel digital on-boarding software from Investfast for financial services companies will have a positive impact on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and financial compliance. $687k will be used to increase consumer ability to assess and access their products and services.
  • Quality Trades and their innovative software service platform will support industry, government and regulators to verify authentic accredited certifications across the globe. $240k will be used to help develop key software features and functions necessary to make its platform globally accessible.
  • Forty First Floor will use $290k to commercialise their event entertainment industry app, Crowd Canvas. The enlightening technology system transforms audience smartphones into active dynamic pixels to complete complex audio/visual light and sound shows.

About Accelerating Commercialisation

Under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, Accelerating Commercialisation provides expert guidance and connections to help businesses and researchers to commercialise their novel product, process or service. After receiving commercialisation advice, businesses can access matched grants of up to $1 million to assist in the commercialisation process.

Facilitators provide guidance and mentorship to help achieve project objectives, with an opportunity to access networks to help make important business connections, create opportunities, raise capital and enter new markets. Facilitators will also introduce potential exposure to investors and multi-national corporations through domestic and international roadshows.

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