Canaries, milk and hearing aids have finally found something in common. Sharing in $4.4 million of competitive grants, 9 commercialisation projects will come to life with funding from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

First impressions of the Canaria Technology team, leaves you without any doubt, these guys are game changers wanting to stand-out from the start-up crowd. Under the guidance of charismatic CEO Alex Sorina Moss, this business is ready to accelerate its commercial potential, both at home and globally.

If you really want someone to wear a medical device, it needs to not look like a medical device.

Alex Sorina Moss, CEO of Canaria Technologies

Brisbane-based health tech start-up, Canaria Technologies are much more than its slick veneer. The team consists of a group of visionaries bringing space technology into the world of wearable health-tech devices. Alex Sorina Moss is galvanising a powerhouse reputation within the trillion-dollar industry that is predictive biometric systems.

Canaria will use the funding from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to commercialise its cutting edge products which can predict and prevent levels of cognitive fatigue and heat exhaustion in those workers engaged in the mining, construction and other extreme work places.

Named after the canaries used by Victorian-era miners to detect pockets of poisonous gas underground, Canaria’s journey as a game-changer took its first serious steps, when its initial concept for the “Canaria Puck” wearable device, won the NASA Space Apps Challenge. Canaria now live by the mantra “designed for space, made for Earth”, with an entrepreneurial spirit that is out of this world.

Naturo may just hold the key to the biggest breakthrough in the global milk industry since pasteurisation in 1864.

Through their own subsidiary, The Wholey Milk Company, they are ready to go global with the first non-pasteurised milk and products. Naturo’s technology is able to kill more pathogens than pasteurisation, so it’s safer, has higher levels of vitamins B2 & B12, and extends shelf life beyond 60 days.

The process is the genius of Naturo founder and CEO, Jeff Hastings, a qualified engineer with over 30 years’ experience in global agribusiness. Jeff is best known for another food breakthrough, the “All Natural Natavo”, which can switch off the enzymes that cause avocadoes to go brown.

Naturo will use its grant to build a manufacturing facility in milk technology on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and investigate market opportunities in Asia and China.

Hearables 3D is another business batting above its weight in the space of helping Aussies with chronic hearing problems, using smartphones to take a digital impression of a patient’s ear and creating custom-fit hearing aids.

The Melbourne-based business is revolutionising the design and manufacture of its products, and will use funding from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to increase its mass market reach.

Accelerating Commercialisation

Under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, Accelerating Commercialisation provides expert guidance and connections to help businesses and researchers to commercialise their novel product, process or service. After receiving commercialisation advice, businesses can access matched grants of up to $1 million to assist in the commercialisation process.

Facilitators provide guidance and mentorship to help achieve project objectives, with an opportunity to access networks to help make important business connections, create opportunities, raise capital and enter new markets. Facilitators will also introduce potential exposure to investors and multi-national corporations through domestic and international roadshows.

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