Venture Out, based in Lakes Entrance, East Gippsland, is the 400th client for the Entrepreneurs’ Programmes’ Strengthening Business service. This is an important milestone for a service that has only existed for just over 12 months.

Sarah was referred to the Strengthening Business service by another business in her local area and was visited by local facilitator Michael Duncan. “Michael stopped into my shop one day and we had a discussion about the Strengthening Business service, I signed up shortly after.”

Sarah, owner of Venture Out, lost their biggest trading period of the year as a result of the fires and all of their staff lost the majority of their work for the summer. Long-term, they lost opportunities to grow the experiential tourism for an entire season which was a set-back for themselves and other businesses across the region.

As a business owner, losing a season to fires had a big impact on me personally. For a seasonal town, you spend the entire year gearing up for the summer, to lose it, to lose the money that you put into preparing for it, is a massive mental and financial blow. You really need to find the energy to pick yourself up and go again because we were back at square one.

Sarah, owner of Venture Out

Since the Black Summer Bushfires and now COVID, Sarah has engaged with markets she hadn’t previously connected with (i.e. NDIS). “These were markets I’d always wanted to move into and COVID heightened the need for me to get there.”

Sarah is looking forward to someone helping her reimagine her dreams, plan a pathway to get there and hold her accountable along the way, “even just having an independent sounding board as I make decisions is something I‘d value.”

Sarah is in the early stages of discovery with Michael. Sarah’s goals for the business are to ultimately turn Venture Out into an East Gippsland adventure hub, a one stop place for tour and adventure needs and to be able to put more back into the local community, to be a force for good.

Strengthening your business with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme

If you have a business in a bushfire affected area - help is available through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme new service, Strengthening Business.

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