Meet the innovative Australian businesses who have been offered matched grants by the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to commercialise their products.

Pioneering Aussie businesses, Monsoon Aquatics and Sea Forest are proving life is better down where it’s wetter, developing leading-edge innovations for a lasting environmental impact under the sea and above. 

The ocean-based organisations are two of the Aussie businesses to share in over $4 million of grant funding from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Sydney-based environmental start-up Sea Forest is showing seaweed is not only for wrapping your California sushi roll. Instead, when used as an additive in livestock feed, it has been proven to reduce methane emissions by more than 99%.

Sea Forest has designed an inventive method for farming the unique asparagopsis algae. Native to Australian coastal waters, asparagopsis rich in a compound called bromoform which has been proven to have profound effects on emissions and even result in faster growing and healthier livestock.

We have the potential to create a really significant emissions reduction, which is really exciting.

Sam Elsom, CEO of Sea Forest

CEO Sam Elsom leads a team of scientists/climate change warriors, aiming for Sea Forest to be the first company in the world to cultivate asparagopsis at commercial scale. With the support of its Accelerating Commercialisation grant, it will soon be able to supply commercial quantities of the product and in turn change the face of the billion dollar livestock industry in Australia and overseas.

Monsoon Aquatics is in the business of coral production and, given the current decline of the Great Barrier Reef, its business could hold the key to saving some of Australia’s most precious natural landmarks.

Founder and Director Dan Kimberley would rather be surfing, diving or fishing but has turned his passion for the ocean into a business growing, picking and selling a diverse range of stunning coral species to retailers around the globe.

With facilities in Darwin, Cairns and Bundaberg, Monsoon Aquatics will use the grant support to commercialise its advanced aquaculture system in a bid to achieve sustainably cultivated corals, rather than wholly relying on wild harvested coral species. Dan and his team are investing heavily into progressing the technology towards vital future reef restoration.

What are the grants for?

The Accelerating Commercialisation grants help businesses turn good ideas into marketable products and services through activities such as trials, upscaling and connecting with new markets.

Experienced Commercialisation Facilitators work with the businesses through the different stages of their business building process to guide them and provide advice.

Since the launch of the Accelerating Commercialisation grants in 2014, 519 matched grants worth more than $251 million have been offered to Australian businesses to help them commercialise their innovative products and services.

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