International patent protection can be a complex process, especially understanding the global activity in your technology. To help, IP Australia is now offering a free patent analytics report with every international-type search.

This analytics report provides a global snapshot of your technology. It can be an invaluable source of information to complement the results of international-type search reports, which identify similar inventions.

Analytics reports will be delivered along with your international-type search report to help inform your patenting strategy. A pilot of the patent analytics service found the reports added value and provided new market information. Customers were highly satisfied with the information they received, and 73 per cent of attorneys would recommend the analytics reports to their clients.

How can analytics reports help?

A patent analytics report can help inform your international patent strategy by providing:

  • an overview of patent filings over time and a list of the top applicants in your specific technology area
  • geographic information on where other applicants are located and where their patents are being filed
  • additional evidence to complement the findings of an international-type search report to help inform business and research decisions

The analytics report is provided for general information purposes and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.

What attorneys said

Really impressed with the product and could see value in it, think it is a great idea. Valuable for clients who don’t wish to manufacture themselves but rather to looking for licencing and commercial partners. Love the layout, easy to follow and looks professional.

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