The Australia Signals Directorate (ASD) is encouraging all Australian small to medium businesses to take proactive measures to increase their cyber security. This means protecting your online systems and information from hacks, scammers and other cyber threats.

The frequency and cost of cyber attacks on small to medium businesses is growing. In the 2022-23 financial year, the average cost of cybercrime increased to $46,000 for small businesses and $97,000 for medium businesses.

How to stay safe

Even minor cyber incidents can have a big impact on a small business, so make sure you’re taking steps to protect your accounts, devices and information before an incident occurs.

  • Take simple steps to ensure your existing technology is as secure as possible, such as turning on multi-factor authentication, updating your software, and backing up your information.
  • Visit the ASD's Small Business Cyber Security Hub to learn about common cyber security threats affecting Australian businesses and how you can protect your business.
  • Use the Exercise in a Box to assess and improve your cyber security. This free online tool is a safe space to practice your cyber security response in a range of scenarios.
  • Join ASD’s free Cyber Security Partnership Program to receive alerts and to stay updated on the latest cyber threats and best-practice advice.

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