Great customer service can help you grow and maintain your customer base. If a customer has a positive experience with your business, they're more likely to return or recommend you to other people.

Check out our customer service tips.

Engage with your customers

Engaging with your customers gives you the opportunity to understand what your customers value in your business. Here are some ways to engage with your customers:

  • Talk to your customers to build friendships and make their experience feel personal.
  • Connect with your customers on social media by responding to comments and messages to show you value their feedback.
  • Send out a regular newsletter to keep your customers up to date on your business or offer exclusive perks, such as discounts.

Offer customer support

Listen to your customers when they have a concern, problem, or question. Good customer support aims to provide clarity and resolve issues.

There are different types of customer support options, such as:

  • A contact centre (online, over the phone or in person).
  • Contact form on your website or phone number to call.
  • Direct messages through social media.
If a customer has a bad experience or is unhappy with your product or service, it’s important to handle their complaint. Check out our tips to manage customer complaints.

Use customer feedback

Feedback from your customers can help you find and evaluate ways your business can improve. For example, if customers cannot find items in your shop, you can address the issue by rearranging the store layout or adding clearer signage.

Customer feedback can help you:

  • find issues or pain points of your customers
  • improve your services or products
  • build customer relationships.

Consider how you will collect customer feedback, you can:

  • email survey
  • ask questions on social media
  • have a feedback box in your business.

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