Innovations in the agricultural, medical, and recycling and clean energy sectors can be found in the latest Accelerating Commercialisation grant offers, with 22 businesses are sharing in over $12.2m of funding to commercialise and take their ideas to the world.

Since 2014, AusIndustry has supported 573 businesses with more than $281 million awarded through commercialisation grants. Businesses who are awarded an Accelerating Commercialisation grant must meet a comprehensive set of merit criteria, including how novel the project is, to be awarded up to $1 million in matched funding.

Accelerating Commercialisation facilitators help each business sharpen its commercialisation strategy which means the government continues to support the best of the best Australian innovations to get their ideas market ready and out to the world –this latest group of businesses are no exception.

Life-saving medical technology for babies and their mothers

Two grantees are making sure mothers and their babies have the best start to life with their innovations in managing women’s postpartum health, and newborn delivery room resuscitation.

Worldwide, 10 million newborn babies require resuscitation at birth, with approximately one million babies dying annually from birth asphyxia. A statistic that ResusRight is looking to reduce.

Sydney based ResusRight is a medtech startup that brings together a unique partnership between biomedical engineering students and doctors. Two of the founders are Dr Mark Tracy and Dr Murray Hinder of Westmead Hospital who have done world-leading research into newborn resuscitation for over 15 years. This collaboration has culminated in “Juno”, a paediatric medical device designed to safely resuscitate babies and train clinicians in newborn resuscitation.

ResusRight will use their $419,799 grant to commercialise its "Juno” training system to help train clinicians in newborn resuscitation and achieve national roll out, partnering with 6 leading hospitals around Australia, while developing a comprehensive scale-up strategy for key overseas markets.

For mothers, a specialist team at Monash University have developed a heat stable powder formulation of oxytocin that when inhaled, provides protection against postpartum haemorrhage, the leading cause of maternal mortality. The team is led by led by Professor Michelle McIntosh, who’s oxytocin research was recognised in 2011 by the then US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, as having the potential to be transformational in the field of maternal healthcare.

The simple aerosol delivery system for oxytocin will be inhaled by mothers  immediately after childbirth, using a disposable device. This novel approach will be particularly significant for increased access to potentially life-saving treatment in resource-poor settings—where a large number of women give birth outside medical facilities or in understaffed and ill-equipped clinics with limited or no refrigeration facilities. Their $490,222 grant will be used to an important clinical trial that will facilitate late-stage development and commercialisation of inhaled oxytocin to allow global access, delivering the product into the hands of those that need it most.

Everyone’s favourite smashed toast topping gets a modern makeover

Australia’s largest avocado tree nursery is a 100 year old, family run business in New South Wales. Anderson Horticulture are experts in avocado trees, and they are no stranger to diversifying or trialling new varieties and growing conditions. Their $403,558 grant will see the commercialisation of the world’s first micro-propagated avocado tree crops.

Micro-propagation, or plant tissue culture, is a cost effective way of multiplying plant stock in a controlled environment. By providing the perfect conditions for plant growth, micro-propagation will increase their productivity, effectively cloning plants that are genetically identical to the mother plant. For some species of plants, hundreds of thousands of plants can be cloned from a single shoot tip. And with avocados continuing to trend, their propagation technology will allow Anderson Horticulture to meet this demand and beyond – it has the potential to be replicated in other tree crops.

Australia leading the way with innovative sustainability projects

No less than 5 of the 22 commercialisation project contribute to innovations in sustainability and the environment, from keeping clothing out of landfill to clean energy storage solutions for the off grid diesel generation market including:

  • BIOCARBON use advanced manufacturing to produce valuable renewable carbon and energy products for industrial applications. They have developed an innovative process to manufacture renewable carbon material to be used as a fossil carbon replacement in steelmaking, and their $293,840 grant will allow them to run a commercial trial of their product.
  • Evos Energy are also evolving with the times and have developed an energy management and delivery platform for electric cars. This technology simplifies the car charging process, is simple to use, works across all electric vehicles, and reduces energy and operating costs for electric vehicle owners. Evos Energy will use their $837,472 in funding to commercialise and scale this platform, achieve global exports, create smart jobs, reduce the cost of electric vehicle charging and help businesses transition to carbon free transportation. A win for both business and the planet.

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About Accelerating Commercialisation

Part of the Entrepreneurs Programme, Accelerating Commercialisation provides expert guidance and connections to help businesses, start-ups and researchers to commercialise their novel product, process or service for trade in Australia and/or overseas markets. After receiving commercialisation advice, businesses can access merit based matched grants of up to $1 million to assist in the commercialisation process. Facilitators provide guidance and mentorship to help achieve project objectives, including access to networks to help make important business connections, create opportunities, raise capital and enter new markets.

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