The winter months come with hazards and extra costs to keep warm, so it's important you prepare to ensure your business runs smoothly. Check out our tips to protect your business and your employees during the colder months.

Prepare your business

There are tasks you can do to prepare your business for winter, including:

  • identify hazards inside and outside the workplace
  • review and update your emergency management plan
  • check your business has the personal protective equipment (PPE) for cold temperatures
  • do an inventory audit.

Manage your energy bills

Managing energy in your business is important during winter to maximise your energy efficiency and reduce your energy bill. You should:

  • test heaters, lights and equipment to see if they work and are safe to use
  • review your energy use
  • compare and consider changing your energy provider
  • research and consider investing in energy-efficient equipment.

Working in the cold

If you and your employees need to work outside in the cold, make sure you to abide by work health and safety requirements.

Safety risks from working in the cold can include:

  • hypothermia
  • fatigue, numbing, frostbite and trench foot
  • increase in workplace accidents
  • icy roads and equipment.

To protect you and your employees, consider getting:

  • warm and waterproof work clothes
  • protective gear and tools
  • appropriate heating
  • warm food and drinks
  • training on working in the cold.

You can check the Bureau of Meteorology for temperature and weather warnings in your area.

Cold and flu season

Winter is the start of cold and flu season. There are things you can do to ensure your employees are safe and healthy during winter:

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