Whether it’s finding your own unique business niche, developing innovative products and bringing them to market or finding digital solutions to drive growth, AusIndustry can support your business just like Indigo Attic and GWS Engineering and Construction.

Indigo Attic is a vintage fashion-babywear retailer in Forster on the NSW mid-north coast. With help from AusIndustry, they found the strength to leap into onshore manufacturing. 

This time last year, the Indigenous mother-daughter fashion dynamos Maree and Tahnee Martin were seriously wondering if it was worth keeping the doors open.  Drought, bushfires and then COVID-19 had left them reeling, as had the discovery Tahnee’s textile designs had been the victim of the off-shore knock-off industry.

We were throwing our hands in the air, going, ‘what do we do now?’ We needed someone to help us identify our business story and brand, as we’re pretty eclectic!

Tahnee Martin, Indigo Attic owner

So it was over a consolatory glass of wine with a local café owner who’d already reached out to AusIndustry, that the Martins were introduced to facilitator Jacinta Outlaw, from the Strengthening Business team at the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.  

“My job was to find their point of difference and anchor their brand in authenticity. Their customer base is built around sustainability,” says Jacinta.

More and more customers want to know where the goods are made. So Jacinta has helped us find inspiration from our family connection to Worimi country, to create a new independent clothing label, that’s 100% designed and made in Australia.

Tahnee Martin, Indigo Attic owner

Tapping into AusIndustry’s broad network of textile supply chain connections will also help Indigo Attic find the strength to build an exciting new chapter as a manufacturer.

“We’re a far better business now with the support of AusIndustry,” says Tahnee. “Finding our strength that we didn’t see, that we never knew we had.”

Another business deeply invested in creating local jobs and mentoring indigenous workers is GWS Engineering and Construction. They are a family-owned and operated project fabricator, based at Minto southwest of Sydney.  

GWS Engineering and Construction is a Supply Nation certified supply company, proud of its social value practises.

Our staff are like family. We know who we are, and that’s important to our work culture.

Ashley Rayner, GWS Engineering and Construction owner

GWS Engineering and Construction is now well into its second decade in the construction and engineering industries, and whilst doing well, the business was anchored to one or two key customers.

“We were wanting to grow and needed independent advice,” says Ashley. “And when you have someone who is on the same page as you, it’s very easy to toolbox that and go forward.”

That “someone” is AusIndustry facilitator Keith Madden, who works within the Growth team of AusIndustry’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

“Over the last two to three years, GWS has doubled its turnover on an annual basis, mostly by diversifying the number of clients they’ve been dealing with,” says Keith. “They haven’t just struck a sweet spot with one large company.”

AusIndustry brings the relationships, the network and the experience factor Ashley needed to drive a large growth phase.

Every time Keith visits our factory, he brings great positivity. And hearing him say, yep I think that’s the right way to go too’, reinforces my confidence in knowing we’re on the right path.

Ashley Rayne, GWS Engineering and Construction owner

AusIndustry backs Australian business by investing in programs to help your business succeed and help you navigate and access a broad range of government services.  

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