Is your business ready to thrive, succeed and go digital? Use our Digital Readiness Assessment Tool to help you better understand how digitally prepared your business is.

What is the Digital Readiness Assessment Tool?

The Digital Readiness Assessment Tool was developed to help identify what your business is doing well and where your business can improve when it comes to digital maturity.

You can measure your digital maturity and readiness against the 7 key pillars of digital transformation:

  1. Customer – how you interact with your customers and the digital channels you use.
  2. Operations – what systems and administrative technology you use.
  3. Data and analytics – how you collect and use data for decision making.
  4. Technology – what hardware, software, devices and platforms you use.
  5. Risk, privacy and cybersecurity – how you keep data safe and what policies and procedures you have in place.
  6. Digital capability and culture – what digital skills you and your team have.
  7. Digital strategy and innovation – your planning, investment and involvement in technology.

Digital Readiness Assessment Tool

You will be asked a series of questions about your business’s use of digital tools, channels and data, and how they inform business decisions.

Based on your answers you will receive a report benchmarking your business’s digital readiness against other Australian businesses and a list of recommendations to action.

The tool will take an average of 10 minutes to complete.

Use the tool

How often should you use the Digital Readiness Assessment Tool

We encourage you use the Digital Readiness Assessment Tool at least once a year so you can:

  • understand the next steps you can take to improve your digital readiness
  • measure how you've improved over time compared to previous benchmarks
  • understand how the changes you make improve your digital readiness.