1. Agree on the employment conditions

When you offer someone a position with your business, give them a couple of days to consider your offer. This is particularly important if you’ve given them a written employment contract with the employment terms and conditions.

They may want to negotiate some of the terms with you. Expect this and arrange a time to chat about the offer. If you have a written contract, update it with any agreed changes, then you both need to sign it.

For help with the terms and conditions of employment, check the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

2. Provide details of the first day

Help to make your new employee’s first day easier, by giving them details of:

  • where they should go
  • what time they should arrive
  • who they should ask for when they arrive

3. Induct your new employee

When your new staff member arrives, help them get to know your business, their role and any other staff members. You can do this through a formal induction program or simply use a checklist that you both follow.

This is also a good time to provide your new employee with:

  • tax and super forms
  • extra information about their employment conditions (such as a copy of their award or agreement and the Fair Work Information Statement)
  • work health and safety information

4. Know your employer responsibilities

Now that you’ve got your new employee on board, make sure you continue to meet your legal obligations for:

  • employee wages and entitlements (such as leave)
  • tax and superannuation
  • insurance
  • workplace health and safety
  • anti-discrimination
  • record keeping and reporting

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