Each year, government agencies and large companies buy a variety of products and services through tenders and contracts.

If you’re looking for business opportunities to start or grow your business, these steps will help you know where to look.

1. Learn about government opportunities

Australian Government tenders

The Australian Government publishes business opportunities and notices of successful contracts and standing offers valued at or above $10,000 on the AusTender website.

You can use AusTender to:

  • register to be notified of business opportunities that match your business profile
  • download tender documents
  • lodge a tender response
  • find details about successful tenderers and existing contracts.

Register for free notifications on AusTender.

Tenders for digital services

If you sell digital products or services, you may find opportunities to do business with local, state, territory or federal government. The Digital Marketplace is a simple platform that brings government buyers and digital sellers together.

It's easy to join the Digital Marketplace and as a seller you can:

  • post case studies to show experience and expertise
  • apply for opportunities posted by buyers.

Sell your digital services on the Digital Marketplace.

Government tenders in your state or territory

Each state and territory government has its own agency responsible for tenders and contracts:

2. Understand how to sell to the government

Before you apply, it’s important to have an understanding of how the Australian Government processes tenders and contracts.

To help you learn how to do business with the Australian Government, use the Selling to government guide.

The guide can help you:

  • learn where to find opportunities to sell to the Australian Government
  • understand rules and processes when selling to the Australian Government
  • know what to do if you're awarded a contract.

3. Search for non-government opportunities

There are a number of commercial websites that advertise tender opportunities online. Some companies provide consultancy support, templates and checklists to help your tender process for a fee. You can find these by searching online.

4. Talk to an expert

For information on tender opportunities in your industry, talk to your industry association or group or a business adviser.

Get expert advice

Consider talking to a business adviser to help you through your process. Use our adviser search tool to find an adviser in your area.

5. Network

Networking with people in your industry sector and from other sectors can give you a different perspective on the market and potential opportunities.

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