Why have an export strategy

There are many rewards for businesses that successfully export products or services. Not only can your revenue increase, a broader footprint can also make your business more stable. Plus, being an international business can improve your profile, helping you win more work here in Australia.

The first step to successful exporting, is creating a good exporting strategy.

Key elements of an export strategy

The best export strategy is concise and simple. It should cover why your company should export and how you will achieve your goals. Make sure your objectives are clear and that all staff involved in export contribute to the strategy.

Your strategy should include:

  • information about your business and resources
  • target market assessments
  • competitor analysis
  • distribution methods
  • sales goals
  • pricing strategy
  • promotion strategy

Export strategy template

Austrade is an Australian Government organisation that helps Australian businesses to export. A simple way to create a good strategy is to download and complete the Austrade export strategy template.

Resources to help you

If you’re serious about exporting there are many other ways Austrade can help:

Export Services (BETA)

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