If your business supplies products, you must make sure that they have labels with certain information for consumers. Make sure your product labels meet:

When you design a label, make sure it complies with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. You must not give false, deceptive or misleading information to customers.

Check for specific labelling requirements in our industry information pages.

Country of origin claims

If you make an origin claim, such as ‘made in Australia’ about your products, you should, be aware of your obligations under the Australian Consumer Law. False or misleading origin claims can lead to penalties, so it's important to get it right.

To help ensure your country of origin claims are correct, see the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) country of origin claims webpage.

You can also download the ACCC’s Country of origin claims and the Australian Consumer Law guide.

Pre-packaged goods

Label designs for pre-packaged goods must comply with national trade measurement laws. These include requirements for the:

  • position, size and format of measurement information
  • name and address of the packer for articles packed in Australia

The National Measurement Institute’s Guide to the sale of pre-packaged goods will help you understand your obligations.

Food labelling

The ACCC’s online resources can help you understand your country of origin food labelling obligations.

It’s important to get your food labelling right. Our section on country of origin labelling can help you determine what you need.

Cosmetics labelling

If your business sells or manufactures cosmetic products, you must comply with the mandatory standard for cosmetics ingredients labelling.

This standard requires cosmetics to be supplied with a list of ingredients. This is important for consumers who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergic reactions to know what is in the product.

Chemical products labelling

If your business works with chemicals, complete the Chemicals Business Checklist to understand the labelling and packaging requirements that apply.

Labels on imported and exported products

The Australian Border Force (ABF) may seize items that are incorrectly labelled when you import or export products. To ensure that your products are delivered safely, make sure you comply with labelling requirements.

Check the ABF website to help identify what you need to label when importing and exporting.

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