Why do you need to register your business?

To comply with the law, your business may need specific registrations, licences or permits. The types you need will depend on:

  • your business structure (for example sole trader, company, partnership)
  • your business location
  • the industry and sector you operate in
  • whether your business employs staff
  • the type of business you're operating.

If your business doesn't have the right registrations it can affect your tax rate or result in penalties or fines.

Find registrations relevant to your business

Find the business and tax registrations relevant to your business by using our free tool.

This tool can help you work out:

  • the business structure that will best suit your needs
  • the basic business and tax registrations you should consider applying for.
Find business and tax registrations

Licences and permits 

You'll need licences and permits to get approval to do certain activities and help protect your business and employees. They ensure your business activities are allowed, and let you run your business without risk of fines or penalties.

Search for licences and permits for your business type

Find all the licences and permits needed for your business on the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS).

Find licences and permits

Still not sure?

If you aren't sure what registrations, licences and permits to apply for, talk to a professional business adviser and they can help you work it out.

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