puts the needs of businesses first. We make it easier for you to find information.

We collate information and resources from 3 levels of government into 1 website to reduce the number of websites you need to visit.

The website has been online for over 25 years and is regularly updated to meet the changing needs of businesses. It is the Australian Government’s primary website for the business community.

Our website is for everyone in the Australian business community, including start-ups, small and medium businesses, family enterprises and business advisers.

Our vision is that is your first place to visit when you have questions about starting, running or growing a business in Australia.

Who manages

The website is funded by the Australian Government and managed by the Department of Industry, Science and Resources (DISR). Our website works together with the business experts at our Contact Centre.

Services and tools on has a number of free tools and resources to help you and your business succeed. We provide:

We also have search tools to help you find:

Feedback – compliments, complaints, suggestions

Feedback includes compliments, complaints, suggestions or any information about our:

  • website
  • live chat
  • phone
  • digital channels.

If you have a complaint, we appreciate you providing us with the first opportunity to resolve it.

Everyone has the right to raise concerns and make legitimate complaints and expect that the issues raised will be handled in a fair, confidential and responsive manner, free from repercussion or prejudice.

Clearly explaining the issue and what you think should be done to fix it will help us. If you can, please include copies of any relevant documents. At the end of a formal complaint, you will receive our decision in writing.

If you are still not satisfied, you may ask for a review of our handling of the matter. The review process will determine if we acted according to our policies and guidelines.

If you remain dissatisfied, the Commonwealth Ombudsman (phone 1300 362 072), investigates complaints about the administrative actions of Australian Government departments and agencies.

As a general rule, the Commonwealth Ombudsman will not, and in some cases cannot, investigate complaints until they have been raised directly with the agency involved.

You also have the option to write to our Ministers or your local Member of Parliament or Senator. If you have not previously complained to us, they will probably refer your complaint to us, and we will assess it in line with our complaints policy. We report back to our Ministers at the completion of the process. Making a complaint will not affect your relationship with us.

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