Cash flow fluctuations

Needing assistance with cash flow is one of the most common reasons businesses seek finance. Before you go ahead, make sure to carefully analyse your business finances so you know how much you need.

Some of the finance options to help with cash flow include:

Find out how to analyse your business finances.


If you need finances for a property, such as a shop front, factory, or to store your inventory, consider whether it would suit your business better to buy or lease.

Some finance options to acquire property include:


Whether you need one vehicle or a whole fleet, there are a number of finance options available. Before you choose, decide whether it would suit your business better to buy or lease.

Some finance options for vehicles include:

The free MoneySmart Car app helps you work out the real costs of buying and running a car.

Machinery, equipment and tools

Need finance to purchase or replace machinery or equipment? Think about whether buying or leasing would suit your business better.

Some finance options include:

Inventory – goods you hold to sell

You may require finance to purchase stock to sell (your inventory). Do you need to pay upfront or when the goods are delivered? If you’re selling goods to businesses, it might be worth asking if larger clients can pay a deposit first to help you financially.

Some finance options to purchase inventory include:

Starting your business

If you're looking for finance to start a business, whether from scratch or buying an existing business or franchise, some finance options include:

Investors such as business angels and venture capitalists may expect some level of self-funding or existing equity in the business before investing.

Learn more about sourcing finance for your business.

Growing your business

You might need finance to help your business grow, such as improving your goods or services, diversifying your business, expanding or franchising.

Some finance options include:

Exporting overseas

Another way of growing your business is by exporting overseas.

Some finance options to help you export include:

Learn more about how to access grants, loans and other finance for exporting.

Learn more about exporting.

Research and development

To fund research and development in your business, aside from traditional sources of finance you may be eligible for government assistance.

Some finance options for research and development include:

Business survival

Do you need finance to survive tough times? Before you consider going into further debt, first try to improve your financial position. Some options include:

Once you have done all you can, talk to investors or a lender about finance options to improve your situation.

Go to the ASIC's MoneySmart website find a free and confidential financial counsellor near you.

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