Advanced Manufacturing Accelerating Growth Program TAS

The Advanced Manufacturing Accelerating Growth Program provides Tasmanian advanced manufacturing enterprises with funding to purchase capital equipment.

Closes in 46 days

Closing date: Friday 24 March 2023 Fri 24 Mar 2023

What do you get?

Matched funding of between $10,000 and $100,000.

Who is this for?

Tasmanian-based advanced manufacturing enterprises.


Matched funding is available to Tasmanian-based advanced manufacturing enterprises to purchase capital equipment, linked to a market driven expansion opportunity with resulting increased employment.

Eligible expenditure includes:

  • plant and equipment to be used in the manufacturing process
  • commissioning costs.

Check if you can apply

To be eligible, you must:

  • be a Tasmanian-based advanced manufacturing enterprise
  • have an Australian business number (ABN)
  • be registered for goods and services tax (GST)
  • have annual sales turnover greater than $500,000 and less than $20 million
  • not be a consultant or intermediary
  • not be subject to any legal disability, including bankruptcy or liquidation.

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