Major Project Status

Major Project Status formally recognises the significance of a project to the Australian economy. If your project is recognised you'll get extra support and coordinated approvals. Find out if your project is eligible and how to apply for Major Project Status.

Application detail:

You can apply at any time.

What do you get?

  • A single entry point for Commonwealth Government approvals
  • Project support and coordination
  • Help with state and territory approvals

Who is this for?

Developers with projects over $50 million and of strategic significance to Australia.


Major Project Status is the Australian Government’s recognition of the national significance of a project – for economic growth, employment or for regional Australia.

If your project gets Major Project Status, you’ll get extra support from the Major Projects Facilitation Agency (MPFA). This includes help with coordination and facilitation of Commonwealth Government approvals. Your project may need a range of approvals such as environmental, biosecurity or foreign investment approvals.

Most projects have Major Project Status for 3 years. We’d normally expect you to complete the approvals process in the 3 years.

What are the eligibility criteria?

For full details of the Major Project Status eligibility criteria, contact the MPFA.

Your project needs to meet the following criteria.

1. The project is of strategic significance to Australia

The project's estimated investment must be more than $50 million.

It must either:

  • contribute significantly to economic growth, exports, employment and/or infrastructure development
  • have an economic benefit to regional Australia, considering a region's investment needs

Major project developers need to be able to provide details of:

  • major elements of total capital expenditure
  • major capital equipment items
  • cost estimates from feasibility studies
  • employment numbers for different phases of the project

2. The project requires Commonwealth Government approvals or involvement

The project requires either:

  • approvals under Commonwealth Government legislation
  • significant Commonwealth Government involvement, including through government programs

Commonwealth Government approvals may include:

  • environment and heritage approvals
  • customs and biosecurity approvals
  • approvals under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 (and related Acts)
  • foreign investment approval
  • import tariff concessions

Government programs may include:

  • employment and training programs
  • immigration programs

3. The project has sufficient financial resources and is commercially viable

Developers need to show that the project has attracted enough funding, at least enough to complete the approval processes.

You’ll need evidence of adequate funding and support such as:

  • evidence of support from governments and communities
  • resolutions of support from the board of a parent company
  • a letter of support from a parent company or investor
  • letters of intent, heads of agreement or other commercial documents, offtake and supply agreements, audited company accounts
  • feasibility studies, business case or financial viability assessments


Contact the MPFA to discuss your project and to find out how to apply.

Apply for Major Project Status

Before you contact the MPFA, check your project:

  • is over $50 million
  • requires Commonwealth Government approvals or involvement
  • has sufficient funding and is commercially viable
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