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Methane Emissions Reduction in Livestock Stage 2: Feasibility and Development Grants

The grant will support studies that demonstrate the technical and commercial viability and abatement potential for the delivery of low emission feed supplements to grazing animals.

The grant is no longer available

What you get?

Grant funding from $250,000 to $1 million.

Who is this for?

Australian entities with relevant IP, research and resource capacity to demonstrate the feasibility of your new and/or repurposed technology solutions for delivering low emission feed supplements to grazing animals.


The objectives of the grant opportunity are to:

  • fast-track the development and commercial readiness of technology solutions to deliver low emission feed supplements to grazing animals at large-scale (considering market reach and productivity and abatement impacts), with a particular emphasis on solutions that have the potential to increase the productivity of the national herd and grazing production systems
  • collect data on the productivity (including labour productivity) and abatement impacts from low emissions feed supplements delivered using technology solutions to grazing animals, to inform updates to the livestock emissions framework
  • engage and collaborate with livestock producers to ensure technology solutions can be implemented in a cost-effective (and ideally productivity-enhancing) way within common grazing management operations and build market interest and acceptance
  • leverage co-investment to develop, validate and demonstrate the technology solutions.

 The intended outcomes of the grant opportunity are:

  • cost-effective (and ideally productivity-enhancing) technology solutions for delivering low emission feed supplements to grazing animals are available for voluntary adoption by livestock producers in a range of Australian production systems
  • the reduced emissions from delivering low emission feed supplements to grazing animals using the technology solutions can be estimated in the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

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