Participant information sessions

If you'd like to learn more about the R&D Tax Incentive program you may want to attend one of our information sessions or webinars. They're designed to help you while you're conducting or planning to conduct R&D.

They'll help to expand your knowledge of the program. We encourage all participants of the R&D Tax Incentive to attend.

R&DTI Information sessions

Join us at our next information session to learn more about the program and how it may help you.

Upcoming information sessions

If there isn't a session in an area near you, enter your email and location, and we will be in touch next time there is a session in your area.

R&DTI Roundtable

We work together with businesses, R&D advisers and industry to improve program administration. This includes the national R&D Tax Incentive Roundtable (the Roundtable) that brings together R&DTI key stakeholders' broad viewpoints and State Reference Groups (SRGs) to discuss operational matters that relate to the R&D Tax Incentive at state and territory level.

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Roundtable summaries – 1 September 2021

Roundtable summaries – 22 April 2021

Roundtable summaries – 5 November 2020

Roundtable summaries – 4 to 5 Aug 2020

Roundtable summaries – 26 November 2019

Roundtable summaries – 23 July 2019

Roundtable summaries – 07 March 2019

R&D Tax Incentive Roundtable Terms of Reference

R&D Tax Incentive Roundtable Presentation – Program Performance

State Reference Groups

State Reference Groups (SRG) forum Roundtable outcomes with the tax agent community. Our forums provide an opportunity to discuss program administration at local and regional levels.

Participants share experiences and discuss operational matters. We communicate common issues across SRGs to the Roundtable for national-level discussions.

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State Reference Groups – Terms of reference