Space Concession

Space Concession helps companies wanting to develop high technology for the space sector. It encourages the transfer of technology and expertise by providing duty-free tariff on eligible imported goods.
Application detail:

You can apply at any time.

What do you get?

Duty-free tariffs on eligible imported goods for use in a space project.

Who is this for?

A project proponent looking to establish a space project.


What are the eligibility criteria?

Before you import any goods for the project, we must authorise your space project. We also have to determine if the goods to be imported are eligible.

What is an authorised space project?

An authorised space project must involve activities between parties from Australia and other countries that include:

  • joint investment
  • research or manufacturing
  • the supply of equipment or technologies

Your project must be in one of the following fields:

  • exploration of outer space
  • remote sensing
  • material processing in space
  • space medicine and biology
  • space communications and information technologies
  • satellite navigation systems and technologies
  • automated and manned space apparatus and systems and corresponding ground equipment
  • protection of the outer space environment
  • space launch services

Your project must also be accompanied by an Australian Industry Participation (AIP) plan.

What are the eligible goods?

Your eligible goods cover a broad range of items. It is best to contact us directly to discuss the goods you wish to import.

Your goods must be necessary or integral to develop or operate your space project. You can only use the goods for that project.


How do you apply?

The application process has 2 stages. We need to approve you in both stages before granting you access to the Space Concession. The stages are:

  • Stage 1: Establish authorisation for a space project and AIP plan.
  • Stage 2: Seek approval for a list of goods that can receive duty-free status in order for you to import them for the use in the authorised space project.

Please contact us on 13 28 46 if you are interested in applying. It’s important that you speak to us at the very early stages of the project. We will help you determine if your project is suitable for the Space Concession.

We will work closely with you before submitting both stages of your application process.

Further guidance

Applicants are encouraged to approach the ICN in their State/Territory (or the ICNL) before ordering goods. ICNs maintain extensive databases on Australian industry capability.

For more information, call the ICN Help Desk on 1300 961 139 or visit the ICN website.

Applications for duty concessions must comply with Australian Border Force requirements and other requirements such as quarantine. Importers and brokers must verify that the goods are dutiable at a substantive rate at the time of lodging an application for a concession with the department and when entering the goods for home consumption.

It's the importers responsibility to ensure that goods imported using the concessional item are eligible. To monitor compliance, importers may be subject to post-clearance audits and must retain all documentation relating to the imported goods for up to 5 years. This is to ensure correct use of the concession. 

For more information, call the Department of Home Affairs Global Service Centre on 131 8811300 or visit the Australian Border Force website.

Applicants must advise us of major changes to their Space Project as soon as they become aware of possible changes. A project may become ineligible as a result of the change. Early contact with us is advisable to ensure the project is still eligible for a concession.

A decision to refuse an Item 41 concession may be subject to internal review. Requests to review a decision must be made to us within 28 days of  the decision. An internal review will be undertaken by a delegate other than the delegate who made the original decision.

Except where we determine that extraordinary circumstances apply, decisions will only be internally reviewed once. Requests for internal review must be accompanied by reasons for the decision to be changed and address the reasons given for the delegate's refusal.

Applicants are also entitled to seek judicial review of decisions regarding determinations for Item 41 concessions. Such decisions are subject to judicial review by the Federal Court under the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977. Applicants should seek their own legal advice in this regard.

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Details of approved projects and eligible imported goods under Schedule 4 to the Customs Tariff Act 1995.

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