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Hiring employees can be an exciting time for a business. There are many ways in which your business can hire an employee and offer employment.

Types of employment

The common types of employment are:

  • full-time: an employee who works 38 hours per week on an ongoing basis
  • part-time: an employee who works less than 38 hours per week and has a guaranteed minimum of work hours
  • casual: an employee whose work hours may vary each week, depending on the work available
  • fixed term: an employee who works for a fixed period of time
  • shift workers: an employee who works shifts and gets an extra payment for working shift hours

Workplace myths

From time to time, employers and employees have misunderstandings about their rights and obligations at work.

As an employer, you must understand your responsibilities relating to employee rights, employment terms, contracts, leave and wages.

To sort fact from fiction, the Fair Work Ombudsman complied 10 workplace myths on their website. We added 6 of our own below.

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