Tips for better policies and processes in your business

By having policies and processes in place, you create standards and values for your business. They can also improve the way your customers and staff deal with your business.

  • Identify key processes and tasks in your business, and develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each.
  • Allow your staff to contribute to the SOPs and regularly review your processes.
  • Ensure your policies are documented and accessible.
  • Make important procedures such as first-aid and emergency exits clearly visible.
  • Communicate your policies to your staff. Help them to understand them and why they are important.
  • Educate staff on procedures that are specific to a certain role.

Learn more about business policies, procedures and processes on the Business Queensland website.

Types of policies for your business

Consider having policies for:

Maintain your standards

Your business may be subject to standards and codes of practice. Make sure your staff and customers are aware of things like:

  • warranties and refunds
  • compliance with codes of practice and Australian standards.

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