Blockchain Pilot Grants

The Blockchain Pilot Grants provide funding to demonstrate the potential for blockchain to reduce regulatory compliance burden for business. Two pilots will be funded at up to $3 million each to develop measures that demonstrate this potential in the Critical Minerals sector and the Food and Beverage sectors. 
This grant is currently closed to applications

What do you get?

A single grant of up to $3 million is available for each of the blockchain pilots.

Who is this for?

A business or publicly funded research organisation.


The program will provide funding for pilot projects to demonstrate the potential for blockchain to reduce the regulatory compliance burden for business.

Two pilots will be funded at up to $3 million each to develop measures that demonstrate this potential for the Critical Minerals sector and the Food and Beverage sector.

The objectives of the Blockchain Pilot grants are to:

  • reduce compliance costs for businesses
  • ensure buy-in from regulators
  • bolster blockchain literacy and contribute to the overarching objectives of the national roadmap
  • develop blockchain solutions for government and showcase to industry the viability of the regulatory efficiencies of blockchain
  • support the inclusion of blockchain in broader policy work to increase management capability around digital technologies.

A single grant will be provided for each of the two pilots:

  • Pilot 1 - Critical Minerals (National Ethical Certification Scheme) to build supply chain integrity and contribute to the Critical Minerals National Ethical Certification Scheme and help our critical minerals businesses get more of their products to international markets
  • Pilot 2 - Food and Beverage Provenance (Excise Tax on Spirit Production) to address the challenges of complying with excise tax regulations throughout spirit production and supply.

We expect that successful applications will be a collaboration between multiple organisations, including regulators. Individuals can be included in a consortium.

We also expect that your application will include a plan to showcase Australian start-ups by including one or more Australian blockchain start-ups as part of your consortium or in some particular aspect of your project.


What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible you must:

  • have an Australian business number (ABN)

You must also be one of the following entities:

  • an entity incorporated in Australia
  • a partnership
  • sole trader
  • a publicly funded research organisation (PFRO) as defined in the guidelines

Your application must be a joint application. Your application needs to identify and include an eligible lead organisation, who is the main driver of the project, and at least one other project partner.

You are not eligible to apply if you are:

  • an organisation, or your project partner is an organisation, included on the National Redress Scheme’s list of ‘Institutions that have not joined or signified their intent to join the Scheme’
  • a non-corporate Commonwealth entity


How do you apply?

The Blockchain Pilot Grants is closed to applications.

We assess your application against the eligibility criteria and then against the assessment criteria. Only eligible applications will proceed to the assessment stage.

The amount of detail and supporting evidence you provide in your application should be relative to the project size, complexity and grant amount requested. You should define, quantify and provide evidence to support your answers.

The program delegate will make the final decision.

We will assess your application based on the weighting given to each criteria.

Assessment criterion 1:

How your project will achieve Blockchain Pilot objectives (40 points)

  • You should demonstrate this by describing how:
  • your project will address the objectives of your chosen pilot (Appendix A)
  • your project will demonstrate the ability of blockchain technology to meet the needs of industry regulators and reduce regulatory compliance burden for businesses
  • your blockchain product will be unique, add value and not duplicate products already in the market
  • you will promote and support Australia’s blockchain start-up community.

Assessment criterion 2:

Viability and security of your blockchain solution (20 points)

You should demonstrate this by describing:

  • the blockchain protocol(s) and/or system(s) you expect to use
  • the transparency and security of those protocols, including:
    • whether your blockchain ever has been the subject of a successful hack, such as a 51% attack or other security failure
    • how your blockchain will verify real world-data and prevent the input of fraudulent data, for example by using oracles and/or authentication techniques
  • whether your blockchain solution features one or more cryptocurrencies, and if so, why these are necessary for the functioning of your protocol
  • any regulatory licenses that are required and, if not already obtained, how you plan to obtain appropriate licenses.

Assessment criterion 3:

Capacity, capability and resources to deliver your project (25 points)

You should demonstrate this by describing:

  • you, or your partners, track record managing similar projects and access to personnel with the right skills and experience, including management and technical staff
  • the extent that your project involves Australian blockchain (or similar technology) industry partners and Australian business in relevant industry sectors
  • how your solution will solve known technical challenges such as legacy system interoperability
  • your plan to manage the project, addressing scope, implementation plan, timeframes, budget and risk (including how you will mitigate security risks).
  • You must attach a separate project plan, including a detailed budget, with your application.

Assessment criterion 4:

Impact of grant funding (15 points)

You should demonstrate this by describing:

  • any additional investment or contributions your project will leverage, including support from partners or investors in your new product, technology, service or mode
  • your strategy to maintain the blockchain solution beyond the duration of the grant
  • the broader value of your project, how it will benefit Australian businesses, including spill over effects into other industry sectors, support for start-ups and SMEs.

If your application is successful, you’ll receive a written offer. If you are unsuccessful, we’ll notify you in writing and give you the chance to discuss the outcome with us.

Successful applicants must enter into a grant agreement with the Commonwealth. The grant agreement will specify the reporting requirements, payment schedule and milestones necessary to receive payments.

We’ll make the first payment when the grant agreement is executed. We’ll make subsequent payments after we have received and accepted the required report.

Payments will be made by direct credit into a nominated bank account.

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