Screen Queensland Funding and Support

Screen Queensland provides screen practitioners with funding and resources to support the development, production and promotion of Queensland screen content.
Application detail:

Check individual programs for deadline information.

What do you get?

Various funding programs and resources are available.

Who is this for?

Queensland screen practitioners.


Screen QLD provides funding and resources to support the development, production and marketing of screen content made by Queensland screen practitioners.

Different funding programs are offered under the following streams:

  • development
  • production
  • SQ initiatives
  • festivals and events

The funding available and deadlines to apply vary across the programs offered.

Check if you can apply

An individual applicant must:

  • be an Australian citizen
  • be an Australian resident who has lived in Australia, continuously or intermittently, for more than six months immediately preceding your application (preference will be given to a "Bona Fide Queenslander")
  • not be the employee of a broadcaster
  • not be enrolled full-time in a film, television or interactive digital media course

An applicant that is a company must:

  • be incorporated and carrying on business in Australia, and have its central management and control in Australia
  • not be a broadcaster
  • not be a holding company or subsidiary of a broadcaster

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