The Australian Government has a range of venture capital programs designed to attract domestic and foreign investment. This investment is vital to help innovative Australian businesses commercialise technologies and turn research into new products.

As well as access to capital, these programs give Australian businesses access to skills and experienced people, improving their chances of success.

There are strategies businesses can use to increase their likelihood of obtaining venture capital, whether from the Australian government or the private sector.

Domestic and foreign investors can take advantage of a number of tax benefits, depending on the program they choose. Tax incentives for fund managers are also available.

The content on the following programs pages is mainly for fund managers. But it is also useful for those seeking investment or for investors interested in the Australian venture capital market.

Program news and updates

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Other Australia Government support

Tax incentives for early stage investors

Investors and businesses can also research the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) tax incentives for early stage investors program. These incentives help connect early stage innovation businesses with investors who have funds and business experience.

A business can ask the ATO for a ruling on whether it qualifies as an early stage innovation company (ESIC). For more information, refer to the ATO.

Significant Investor Visas

The Significant Investor Visa (SIV) offers a 4 year pathway to apply for permanent residency. This visa is for entrepreneurial and high net worth individuals willing to make substantial investments that drive innovation and lead to the commercialisation of Australian ideas.

More information on SIVs, including the SIV complying investment framework, is available from Austrade.

Registered venture capital funds


VCLP list

AFOF list

Venture capital statistics

Learn more about venture capital in Australia

The AIC publishes statistics and research on the Australian venture capital industry

Customer stories

Many successful Australian businesses began as start-ups or early stage firms with limited funds. Their access to venture capital and people with commercialisation skills helped them turn their ideas, research or innovation into commercial successes. Venture capital funds and partnerships have also been able to grow and prosper as a result of government venture capital initiatives.

To find out how Australian businesses and venture capital funds and partnerships have benefited, read the stories below.