If you’re a business, company or active participant in the venture capital community, you may want to check out these updated resources.

Updated Venture Capital Dashboard

The Venture Capital (VC) Dashboard was updated on 24 November 2023.

The dashboard includes information such as:

  • the amounts of ESVCLP investment in different stages of the start-up process 
  • the sources of venture capital investment
  • the sectors receiving ESVCLP and VCLP investment.

This can be an invaluable resource for the venture capital community, providing a huge amount of useful data and information.

If you have any ideas for next year's edition, you can email: venturecapital@industry.gov.au.

Annual reporting for Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships

Partnerships registered under the ESVCLP program report yearly on the implementation of the approved investment plan, with descriptions of investments and disposals made during the year. These reports provide an insight into ESVCLP activity. A new 2022–23 interactive report has been published with details of over 150 ESVCLPs.

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