Do you have a feeling that someone you know isn’t behaving as they normally would? Do they appear to be struggling with their work? Or have they lost their usual energy?

R U OK? Day on 14 September is a day to raise awareness of the importance of mental health, and to remind you to regularly check in with those around you. Starting a conversation and just listening to your friends, family and colleagues can help them feel heard and supported. 

If you recognise the signs that something isn’t right, reach out and ask 'are you okay?'. By starting the conversation, you could be making a real difference to someone’s life.

Get involved in R U OK? Day

Mental health support for employers and employees

Many Australians will experience a mental health condition that may affect their ability to work, so it's important to know how to manage mental health issues in your business.

As an employer, you can help promote mental health in your business by:

  • increasing awareness and encouraging your employees to look after their own mental health
  • supporting employees with mental health conditions and preventing discrimination against them
  • creating a mentally safe and healthy workplace.

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