Applicant Organisation Project Name Project Description Stream Project Location Grant Approved Total Project Cost
Young Health Group Pty Ltd as trustee for the Young Service Trust Thrive Health Centre Project (THCP) The project is the second stage of the Thrive Health Centre Project which will assist in improving access to disability friendly allied health services and rehabilitation facilities to Port Pirie and the greater Mid North region via the construction and fit-out of a multi-disciplinary health centre. This facility will also accommodate up to 24 allied health university student placements per year which will assist in recruiting allied health staff to rural areas whilst offering low or no cost health services to the community. Accommodation for these students is to be provided via the renovation of three attached units in Port Pirie. Business Innovation Port Pirie $500,000 $1,231,836
Jesko Pty Ltd Industrial Dry Cleaning Value Added Processing Facility The project will construct a new building to house bigger and more modern commercial dry cleaning and ironing machines, which are energy efficient. This will include upgrades to the water effluent treatment and filtration systems to meet SA Water and EPA requirements, rewiring the building, placing solar panels on the roof, and upgrading the main gas supply to the building. Business Innovation Whyalla $166,425 $332,850
Whyalla Aged Care Inc Construction of a Community Centre and Lifestyle Village The project is to construct a Community Centre and first stage of a Lifestyle Village which will provide specially designed housing and other services for retirees and people with a profound disability. Local Infrastructure Whyalla $3,000,000 $9,468,000
Bungala Aboriginal Corporation Mobile Catering Business Infrastructure Project The Mobile Catering Business is a social enterprise that will provide food and beverages for purchase by 350+ workers during construction of the Bungala Solar Farm via a food van service. This initiative will support the local energy sector development. This project will create employment opportunities for members of the Aboriginal community in Port Augusta, particularly women and those on the Work for the Dole scheme, increasing local workforce participation and skills. The Mobile Catering Business Infrastructure Project will support the establishment of the Mobile Catering Business through purchase of necessary business infrastructure, including a 4WD vehicle with mounted mobile chiller and catering van. Local Infrastructure Port Augusta $75,000 $150,000
Crane Max Pty Ltd as trustee for the Crane Max Unit Trust Max Cranes Wind and Renewables Sector Heavy Lift Expansion Project The project is an investment in an LTM11200 crane and associated auxiliary equipment, which will be one of the largest telescopic mobile cranes in Australia. The project will provide the opportunity to secure, train and up-skill experienced and qualified personnel required to operate the machinery. The purchase of this specialised equipment will ensure the company can expand its capability in the renewables sector, predominantly around wind tower construction and future long term maintenance of the wind farms. It will also ensure greater opportunity for the business in the mining and industrial sector supporting mines including heavy industrial construction and shutdown maintenance projects. Business Innovation Whyalla $4,750,000 $12,027,000
Clean Seas Seafood Ltd Clean Seas Expansion to Fitzgerald Bay and Point Lowly The project is to expand Clean Seas' yellowtail kingfish growout operations in the Spencer Gulf to Fitzgerald Bay, and upgrade its support facilities at Point Lowly. Business Innovation Fitzgerald Bay $2,500,000 $6,420,000
Peats Soil & Garden Supplies Pty Ltd Advanced Composting Facility The project is to construct an Advanced Composting Facility, the purpose of which is to accept green, organic and food waste, digest the waste using Anaerobic Digestion, and produce both Biogas for sale in to the grid and a compost product that can be sold to surrounding agricultural markets for soil improvement. Business Innovation Stirling North $2,745,369 $5,490,738
Ice Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd Whyalla Heavy Industry Manufacturing and Services Hub Project The project will consolidate the operations of three existing Whyalla-based heavy engineering and manufacturing companies to a purpose built heavy industry manufacturing services hub facility in Whyalla. It will bring on board state-of-the-art plant and equipment and provide specialised training to enhance capability and efficiency of these operations. The project has been designed to secure new market opportunities in key industries such as renewable energy, mining, oil & gas and defence, and position the consolidated operations for significant and sustainable revenue growth well into the future. Business Innovation Whyalla $5,040,364 $10,080,728
Upper Spencer Gulf Common Purpose Group Inc Upper Spencer Gulf Community Tertiary Education Centre The Upper Spencer Gulf Community Tertiary Education Centre (COTEC) will broker and support local delivery of higher education to meet emerging industry and skilled workforce needs of the region. The COTEC will commence with campuses in Port Pirie and Port Augusta, providing study areas, IT and student support services, course demand aggregation and local industry placements. The COTEC aims to: grow local skilled workforce capacity; expand higher education offerings; and strengthen community/industry/provider partnerships in the region. Project partners include: the Port Pirie, Port Augusta and Whyalla Councils; Flinders University; TAFE SA; Central Queensland University; Curio Academy; and University of Adelaide. Skills and Training Port Pirie $1,110,000 $3,537,433

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