If you’re planning a major project development in Australia, you’ll need to get a range of regulatory approvals. You may need to get approvals from different levels of government – local, state, territory or Australian.

The Major Projects Facilitation Agency (MPFA) can help you navigate the Australian Government approvals process for projects over $20 million. It provides a single entry point to get information and help with Australian Government approvals.

The MPFA helps developers by:

  • providing information on Australian Government regulatory approvals
  • identifying critical regulatory approval pathways and processes
  • helping you to communicate with regulators.

You can ask them to treat your information in-confidence.

Support for projects over $50 million – Major Project Status

If you are developing a major project with a capital investment over $50 million that is facing complex regulatory challenges, you may also be eligible to apply for Major Project Status for your project. Your project must be of national significance demonstrated by its contribution to Australian Government strategic priorities, economic growth, employment or for regional Australia.

With Major Project Status, your project gets extra support from the MPFA. This includes working closely with state and territory governments to assist with navigating jurisdictional regulatory approvals.

The MPFA helps developers of eligible projects apply for Major Project Status.

Check major project approval requirements

Use our online tool to work out which Australian Government approvals and processes may apply to your project, even if it’s not eligible for MPFA support.

Major projects help tool

Who we work with

The MPFA works closely with Australian Government regulators and state and territory governments to make sure we identify regulatory approval requirements. Visit their websites for more information and links to other services.

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