The Government is currently reviewing programs to ensure its investments are targeted and aligned with policy priorities. We will contact all applicants regarding the status of your application once the review is complete.

In the meantime, please be reminded that under Section 5.2 of the Artificial Intelligence and Digital Capability Centres Grant Opportunity Guidelines, you may elect to commence your project from the date we notify you that your application is successful. We are not responsible for any expenditure you incur until a grant agreement is executed.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Capability Centres Grants

The grants will provide up to $11 million for the establishment of AI and digital capability centres to drive the adoption and use of AI technologies by Australian businesses.

The grant is no longer available

What you get?

Up to $11 million of grant funding to cover 75% of eligible project expenditure.

Who is this for?

AI or technology firms in partnership with businesses or other commercialisation organisations.


The Australian Government’s Artificial Intelligence Action Plan (the Plan) sets out a vision for Australia to be a global leader in developing and adopting trusted, secure and responsible artificial intelligence (AI).

Under the Plan, the Government is investing $44 million across 2021-2022 to 2024-2025 to establish four AI and Digital Capability Centres. These centres will connect small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with AI equipment and tools, provide services and training, and link them to AI skills and expertise. In turn, the centres will support the development, commercialisation, and adoption of new high-value AI products and services for the domestic and global marketplace.

The objectives of establishing these Capability Centres are to:

  • establish a ‘front door’ for SMEs to access capabilities, expertise and innovative technologies to adopt, adapt, test and deploy AI technologies
  • foster collaboration and connect SMEs with opportunities to lift productivity and drive commercialisation
  • coordinate and drive the growth of Australia's AI ecosystem
  • lift SME capabilities so they can confidently adopt AI solutions.

Learn more about the Artificial Intelligence Action Plan.


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