Applicant details Project title Grant amount
Jasper And Myrtle Pty. Ltd. Sugar Mill and Stand Alone Water Chiller for Jasper and Myrtle Chocolates $20,302
Bentspoke Brewing Company Pty Ltd Energy Audit and energy monitoring of the BentSpoke Cannery $24,458
Quinoa Catering Pty Ltd Energy upgrade to freezer room and cool room $25,000
Mount Majura Wines (ACT) Pty Limited Wine Tank Insulation $25,000
Underground Spirits Pty. Ltd. Energy Efficient Distillery Operations $15,000


Applicant details Project title Grant amount
Thredbo Valley Distillery Pty Ltd Next Gen Distillery $24,637
Southern Highlands Brewing Co Pty Ltd SHB purchase of an Alfa Laval Brew 20 Craft Beer Centrifuge $25,000
Buckettys Brewery Pty Ltd Powerfy Heating $24,500
Durablend Pty Ltd Replacing fixed drive compressor with efficient variable drive compressor $25,000
7th Day Brewery Pty Ltd 7th Day Energy Efficient Brewing $24,750
Quincey Jones Jelly Preserves Co. Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Objectives In A Preserves Manufacturing Facility $15,551
Tamburlaine Wine Services Pty Ltd Energy audit of cooling systems and insulation of processes pipes and tanks $25,000
SGRO Enterprises Pty Ltd Quattro Stelle Energy Saving Project $25,000
Hailey Dodds Energy efficiency in baking production $22,595
THAC Pty Ltd 60m2 Freezer Energy Efficiency Improvements $25,000
Huntington Estate Pty Ltd Detailed Type 2 Energy Audit to AS 3598 and LED Lighting Upgrade $24,950
Tamburlaine Manufacturing Pty. Limited Refrigeration system optimisation and LED lighting upgrade $22,328
Zentient Culture Pty Ltd Exhaust ventilation installation and water heating efficiency improvements $16,500
M. O. Brewing Company Pty. Ltd. Heating & Cooling System Insulation $25,000
Garlo's Pies Pty Ltd Pre-heating heat exchanger for energy eff. generation of factory hot water $25,000
MH Luxe Holdings Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvements across the factory - cooling and heating $25,000
Australian Beverage Contract Filling Pty Ltd Project Green $20,000
A.D. & S.M. Mclean Pty. Ltd. Thermal energy optimisation in St Anne's Winery Moama, and lighting upgrade $25,000
Brothers Bakery (Nsw) Pty Ltd Brothers Bakery - Multiple Production and Energy Efficiency Improvements $22,800
S Ibrahim & P Stergiou Energy Efficiency Improvements - Dough Mixer, Electric Oven and Freezer $24,500
Al Amara Manufacturing Pty Ltd Alamara Bakery - Production and Energy Management improvements $22,900
KH & L Pty. Ltd. Energy Efficiency Improvements - Bakery Dough Mixer, Sheeter and slicer $24,800
Alhamal, Evan Energy efficiency: Badhdeda Bakery $23,000
Lazar Butchery Pty. Limited Energy Efficiency Improvement Works $25,000
Duxton Viticulture Pty Ltd Duxton Winery Energy Monitoring $24,000
BP & Son Pty Limited Bakery Dough Prover - Energy Efficiency Improvement measures $25,000
Al-Tofan, Lara Fairfield Bakery Nelson St $23,000
Pyewackets Traditional Pty Ltd Increasing energy efficiency in refrigeration $14,650
H.T Nguyen & T.H Nguyen New more energy efficient moulder and cool room condensing set $24,500
Kenny Duong Pty Limited Bakery Equipment Energy Efficiency Improvements - Auburn Hot Bread Bakery $22,900
Fumage Pty Limited Lighting upgrade and HVAC Control to reduce energy consumption $23,258
Eden Road Wine Company Pty Ltd Lighting and HVAC Upgrades $25,000
Ganesh Bakery Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvement of Cooling Processes $24,500
Bucket Brewery Pty Ltd Efficiency Upgrade of Glycol Chiller System and Heat Recovery for Hot Water $24,500
Td & The Bakery Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvements - Dough Moulder and New Freezer $24,500
Mark Stanley Corporation Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvements - Lighting, Chiller and Freezer $24,500
J Ball & B.S Coathup & C.T Coathup Heated Water Efficiency upgrade $24,000
Concresco Pty Ltd Bakery Energy Efficiency Improvements of Bun Rounder, Air Con and Fan $24,500
Ventura Brewing Pty Ltd Ventura Energy optimisation $25,000
The Other Chef Fine Foods Pty. Ltd. Upgrade to energy efficient equipment $23,469
1269 Pty Ltd Process automation $22,000
Phong Hung Small Goods Pty Ltd Modernise Work Floor Cooling and Power Monitoring $25,000
La Cucina Di Papa Pty Limited Energy Efficiency Improvements - New Commercial Fryer $25,000
Trentham Estate Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning for Wine Storage Warehouse $19,646
Mark Delevski Energy Efficiency Improvements - Liverpool Bakery $22,500
Pro-Matrix International Pty Ltd Pro Matrix Energy Efficiency Analysis, Implementation & Management Plan $25,000
Halo Food Services Pty Ltd Production Energy Efficiency $25,000
Doughlicious Bakery Energy Efficiency Improvement - Replacement of old inefficient Bakery Oven $25,000
D.N Silm & L.G Silm & M.R Silm Upgrade/update of cool room System $25,000
Fredo Pies Frederickton Pty Ltd FPF Environmental Project $25,000
The Hunter Wine Lab Pty Ltd Hunter Wine Lab - Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
Wayward Brewing Company Pty Ltd Compressor efficiency project $25,000
T.V Dang & K.T Tran Energy Efficiency Improvements Projects - Dough Divider, Sheeter and Mixer $24,500
C Phan & T.O Phan Energy Efficiency Improvements - Bun Rounder and Cool Room condensing set $24,500
Thanh Tung Do Energy Efficiency Improvements - Freezers, Display Shelf and Bun Rounder $23,000
K Dang & T Truong Energy reductions - Cool Room, Refrigerated Display Shelve and a Mixers $22,500
Musolino, Domenic Sams Boy $21,500
Brokenwood Wines Pty Ltd Supply & Installation of Variable Speed Drives at Brokenwood Wines $25,000
Otter Craft Distilling Pty Limited Energy Efficient $25,000
Refresh Waters Pty Ltd Installing reverse osmosis system $25,000
Do, Tung Khanh Riverstone Bakery - Production and Energy Efficiency improvements $25,000
Yummy Karma Foods Pty Ltd Food Blast Chillers consolidation - Better Production and Energy Efficiency $25,000
Snows Bakers Wholesale Pty Limited REPLACE LIGHTING $25,000
Young Brad Pty Ltd Eastgardens Bakery Delight - Production and Energy Efficiency Improvement $24,900
White Sands Brewing Co. Pty Ltd Beer from sunshine! $21,796
Purebread Tweed Pty Ltd Efficient electricity solution $25,000
Sydney Rocks Brewing Company Pty. Ltd. Brewery Energy Management Journey Jumpstart $25,000
Maddock, Paul Replacement of bun rounder machine $19,580
Akasha Brewing Company Pty. Ltd. Akasha Cooling Efficiency Project $22,000
S & B Gourmet Foods (Aust) Pty Ltd Power Factor Correction - Dressings and Cooking $25,000
Tran, Viet Duc Fairfield Forum Bakery Energy Efficiency $23,000
Newy Distillery Pty Ltd Still energy conversion $25,000
Lyka Pet Food Pty Ltd Refrigeration, Power System & Power Quality facility upgrade $25,000
Status Quo Brewing Pty Ltd Micro brewery construction and installation. $12,415
Slow Lane Brewing Pty Ltd Energy Audit and Installation of Smart Energy Monitoring & Metering System $24,830
Origin Distillers Group Pty Ltd Chiller installation $25,000
Blue Sky Foods Pty Ltd Heat Exchanger upgrade $25,000
Iraqi Traditional Bakery Pty Ltd Iraqi Traditional Bakery Energy Efficiency Upgrade $21,550
Frenchies Bistro & Brewery Pty. Ltd. Energy Audit and Installation of Smart Energy Monitoring & Metering System $24,990
Sin Har Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvements - Maroubra Bakery $24,600
Regional United Pty Ltd Install Energy Efficient Gas Fired Boiler $25,000
Real Foods Pty Ltd Real Foods Energy Efficiency Drive $25,000
DMC Meat And Seafood Pty Ltd Install Voltage Optimisation equipment $25,000
Top Drop Pty Limited Upgrade of refrigeration plant at winery $25,000
Cimini's Bakehouse Pty Ltd. Cimini's Bakery Energy Efficiency Upgrade $22,800
General Industry Pty. Ltd. Process Automation and Controls for Spray Dryer and Distillation Processes $20,000
Bier Trading Co Pty Ltd Improve Energy Efficiency in our Micro Brewery $25,000
Philter Brewing Pty Ltd Energy Monitoring Upgrade $25,000
Kalizma Pty Ltd Energy Audit and reduce heating energy consumption $25,000
Suprima Bakeries Pty Ltd Variable speed drive installation on a refrigeration plant compressor $25,000
Essence Group Pty Ltd Essence South Nowra Energy Efficiency Initiative $15,429
Birch & Waite Foods Pty Ltd Energy Saving Hot Water System Marrickville Site $25,000
Cudgen Red Earth Brewing Pty Ltd Earth Beer Company Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Project $25,000
F Petrovska & M Radivojevic Radivojevikj & E Trajkovska & L Trajkovska Energy Efficiency Improvements - Bakery Brighton Le Sands $22,500
Hunglynn Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvements - New Chiller and Combined Fridge - Freezer $24,500
Roogenic Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrades & Enhancements $24,832
Queens Pastri House Pty Ltd Queens Energy Upgrade $24,500
Nario Pty Ltd La Torre Cakes - Energy Efficiency Upgrade $22,900
Agrana Fruit Australia Pty Limited Boiler house metering and monitoring of energy $25,000
Proteins Australia Pty Ltd Boiler House Metering and monitoring of energy $25,000
Distilled Brands Australia Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrade Heat minimisation and recovery $24,977
Jaspa Food Pty Ltd Girraween Site Set Up $25,000
South Coast Distillery Pty Ltd Reconfigure process equipment for heat recovery to reduce heating needs $24,981
Coburn & Co Pty Ltd Install and Commission Programmable Logic Controller $25,000
Mai, Thai Energy Efficiency Improvement - Eastlakes Bakery $22,900
R Krstevski & S Tancev Energy Efficiency Improvements - Best Burek Bakery Liverpool $22,900
Synergy Food Group Pty Ltd Compressor Drying and Optimization with Refrigeration Efficiency upgrade $25,000
Safa Companies Pty Ltd Al Sultan Energy efficiency upgrades of equipment $25,000
Blue Dogfish Pty Limited Refrigeration Energy Efficiency Project $23,035
Spencer Cocoa Pty Ltd Factory energy efficiency upgrade $11,179
Von Baron Holdings Pty Ltd Energy monitoring and reconfigure processes for heat recovery $25,000
Food 4 Fitness Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvements - Food Factory Kirrawee NSW $25,000
T.T Le & H.T Nguyen Energy Efficiency Improvements - Parks French Taste Bakery $25,000
Wicked Elf Beers Pty Ltd Wicked Elf Beers energy audit and aim to become more energy efficient. $25,000
Cassegrain Wines Pty Limited Methode Traditional Cooling $25,000
The Tart Sisters Replace existing oven with a more energy efficient version $11,990
Tixana Pty Ltd Setup Permanent Energy Monitors in Main Factory $24,100
Emj French Kitchen Pty. Limited Reducing Energy Use in Commercial Freezer $25,000
Neyan Pty Ltd Hurstville Bakers Delight $25,000
Steven Chung Pty. Ltd. Long Point Vineyard transitioning towards an energy efficient future $25,000
Zammit Ham & Bacon Curers Pty Ltd New Freezer Insulation Panels to reduce Refrigeration Power Costs $25,000
Gourmet Dinner Service Australia Pty. Ltd. Energy Savings Drive 22 $25,000
A Efthymiou & P Efthymiou & J.C Pitsiniagas Trianon Energy Efficiency Works $25,000
Linh Phuoc Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrade - Penrith Bakery NSW $23,000
Rosnay Organic Wines Pty Ltd Multiple equipment upgrades to improve wine manufacturing efficiency $25,000
PTO Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvements - Greenfield Park Bakery NSW $25,000
Alabai Pty Ltd Improving efficiency of raw milk cooling and pasteurization processes $22,311
Hussein Faraj Kings Bakery Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
Scarborough Wine Co. Pty. Limited Scarborough Wine Co Sustainability Program $20,000
Cape Byron Distillery Pty Ltd Energy Monitoring & Analysis Project $24,875
Timbertown Pies Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency $20,200
Henry Huy Bakery Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Project - Pendle Hill Bakery NSW $25,000
Pacdon Food Group Pty Ltd Pacdon Park Energy Efficiency Optimisation $13,727
Ellem Holdings Pty Ltd Refridgeration Upgrade - Power supply & efficient cooling $25,000
Great Hops Pty Limited New Boiler $21,000
Jamila Dung Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrade - Revesby Bakery NSW $23,000
Willis Brewing Pty Ltd Replace an existing canning line with an efficient, automated system. $25,000
Agritechnology Pty Ltd Energy monitoring and management $25,000
ECRE Pty Ltd Sustainable Coffee Roasting $25,000
Cedars Pizza And Bakery Pty Ltd Cedars Bakery Energy Efficiency Works $25,000
Coomealla Goats Pty Ltd Upgrade existing electrical hot water system to solar boosted by gas $25,000
Riverina Fresh Pty. Ltd. Install Rapid Close Doors to Existing Cool Rooms $25,000
Bao Trai Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrade of equipment - Kim Hot Bread Bakery Marrickville $23,000
V2 Food Operations Pty Ltd High efficiency fans and energy audit $25,000
V2 Food Pty Ltd Voltage Optimisation and Energy Audit $25,000
United Beverage Co-Packers Pty Ltd Pasteurizer upgrade $25,000
The Little Big Dairy Company Pty Ltd Improving Energy Efficiencies and Reducing Emissions: EMP Project $25,000
S & C Fyffe Pty Ltd Electrical Infrastructure, Equipment and Efficiency $25,000
An-Uyen Management Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrade of equipment - 159 Bondi Rd Bondi Bakery NSW $24,400
The Distillery Project Pty Ltd Exhaust system for production chiller in warehouse $20,000
Tribe Partner Brewing Pty Ltd Boiler House Metering $25,000
Good Happy Pty Ltd Good Happy - Reducing Energy Consumption $25,000
Nugan Estate Pty Ltd Nugan Estate Energy Services $25,000
Iron Gate Winery Pty Ltd Upgrade air cooled inverter chiller $25,000
Cranhill Pty. Ltd. Project The Cooling Tower $25,000
Sassy Treats Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Refrigeration System and Exhaust Fan $25,000
C Nguyen & Q.H Nguyen Energy Efficiency Upgrade - Oven replacement - Bakery Wollongong NSW $25,000
Bimbadgen Estate Pty Limited Energy Audit and Energy Monitoring of Bimbagen Winery $25,000
Swinging Bridge Pty Ltd Tank insulation $25,000
Tyrrell's Vineyards Pty Ltd Tyrrells Wines – Energy Reduction Plan and Emissions Roadmap $24,820
Pinhooker Pty Ltd Cooling system efficiency upgrade $25,000
Four Winds Vineyard Services Pty Ltd Four Winds Vineyard Energy Audit $18,075
King, Rachael Audit of existing equipment, replace refrigeration and ongoing monitoring $25,000
Turnaround Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd FP Puma $25,000
Mccarthy, Joshua Energy saving equipment purchase $25,000
Double 'D' Products Australia Pty Ltd Improve steam system and use with automating the process $25,000
Maje Holdings Pty Ltd Fresh and Tasty Bakery - Permanent Monitoring System $24,910
Fortune Soy Manufacturer Pty Limited Improve pasteurizer performance but automating steam heating side. $25,000
Peter Drayton Wines Pty Ltd Boiler installation for Steam Generation $25,000
Curtis Craft Brewing Pty Ltd Cooling and Heating Process Improvement $25,000
Hill 60 Distilling Company Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
Picasso Foods Australia Pty Ltd Energy audit and Power Factor Correction $25,000
Amanda Hallinan Detailed Type 2 Energy Audit to AS 3598 and Refrigeration Upgrade $22,000
K Cashen & M Cashen Improve cooling efficiency of current refrigeration & building ventilation $22,500
Hexham Manufacturing Pty Ltd Generation and implementation of an EnMS for the Hexham site $25,000
Peppertree Bakery Pty Limited Type-2 energy audit $19,108
Madhouse Industries Pty Ltd Variable speed drive investment to enable 10% overall energy cost reduction $25,000
Aurora Springs Pty Ltd Oven replacement program $25,000
The Real Juice Company Pty Ltd Process cooling improvements for a more energy efficient SME food producer $25,000
Grainfed Brewing Company Pty Ltd GBC(Grainfed Brewing Co) - Alfa Laval Brew 20 Craft Beer Centrifuge $25,000
All Natural Kitchen 2014 Pty Ltd All Natural Kitchens – Cool Room Energy Efficiency Improvement Project $25,000
Calabria Family Wines Pty Ltd Low Pressure Blowers for bottle drying $25,000
Jmb Beverages Pty Ltd Low and No Beverages equipment installation $25,000
Paringa Pet Foods Pty Ltd Power Factor Correction $25,000
Village Finest Pty Ltd Project Efficiency $21,000
ARD Core Pty Limited Site Energy and resource consumption monitoring $25,000
A.J. Bush & Sons (Manufactures) Pty Ltd Asset Sub-metering, Energy Audit and Energy Management Plan $22,190
Josie's Juice Company Pty. Ltd. SME Food manufacturing business invests in process cooling improvements $25,000
L.M Trease & L.J Trease Energy Efficient, Automated and Wifi Production Equipment systems $22,075
Fat Cow Gelato Pty Ltd New energy efficient Coolroom in our gelato Manufacturing facility. $25,000
High Country Capital Pty Ltd Identify Energy inefficient equipment and Energy Efficient replacements $25,000
Avondale Foods Pty Ltd Refrigeration and Plant Upgrade $25,000
The Craft Works Whisky Company Pty Limited Craft Works Distillery energy efficiency project $18,181
Gibb Bridge Pty Ltd Energy Efficiencies-Coolrooms $25,000
Peter W Armstrong Energy efficient refrigeration upgrade for Comboyne Ice Cream manufacturer $25,000
Gelatissimo Manufacturing Pty Limited Gelatissimo Freezer Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
Christine Moawad Family Trust & Lead 7071 Family Trust & Niche Productions Trust & Sylvie Moawad Family Trust Canterbury Lebanese Bread Grant $25,000
Waradaa Australia Pty Ltd Factory Building Efficiency Enhancement $25,000
Cool Blue Ice & Water Pty Ltd Upgrade direct on line start system to variable speed drive system $25,000
Pendle Dairy Cheese Pty Ltd Improve steam system performance by steam trapping & insulating. $25,000
Pioneer Brewing Pty Ltd BOILER HOUSE METERING $25,000
Freshfood Corporation Pty Ltd Freshfood Corporation- Boiler Feedwater Pump VSD Upgrade $25,000
Regent Street Hospitality Pty Ltd BOILER HOUSE METERING $25,000
Berri Pty Limited Energy Management Capability (EMC) Program $20,100
Phyllome Pty Ltd Variable Speed Irrigation Pump Upgrade for Automated Indoor Vertical Farm $20,500
Q Foods Australia Pty. Ltd. Energy Efficiency and Waste Management Project 2022 $25,000


Applicant details Project title Grant amount
Alice Springs Brewing Co Pty Ltd ASBC BIOGILL WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM $25,000
One Mile Brewery (NT) Pty Ltd Cold room alpha $25,000
Beaver Brewery Pty Ltd Beaver Brewery Power Management $23,650
Purple Raen Pty Ltd Energy efficiency and reduction for the Purple Mango Cafe and Brewery $17,789


Applicant details Project title Grant amount
White Brick Brewing Pty Ltd Brewery Facility Cooling, Lighting Upgrade and Power Usage Reduction $25,000
Sunshine Coast Cider Pty Ltd Environmentally responsible process/cooling efficiencies & load shifting $25,000
Queensland Country Meats Pty Ltd Replace non LED lights with LEDs $11,172
Bindaree Food Group Pty Ltd Improve the unloaded efficiency of a screw compressor with a VSD drive $25,000
Australian Organic Distillery Pty Ltd Engineered Efficiencies Project $23,827
The Fermentier Pty Ltd Energy efficiency through purpose built cold room and air compressor $25,000
Monkey Tree Microbrewery Pty Ltd Efficient Cooling saves energy and creates a better product $25,000
C.B.M. Pty. Ltd. Project Illuminate $25,000
Kialla Pure Foods Pty. Ltd. Cool Room Efficiency Upgrade $25,000
Simsha Investments Pty Ltd Replacement of Reefer Shipping Container with Energy Efficient Cool Room $25,000
Bundaberg Distilling Company Pty. Limited Bundaberg Distilling Company Energy Reduction #NETZEROTARGET2030 $14,547
Aus Organic Feeds Pty. Ltd. Installation of Power Factor Correction Equipment $25,000
Farmfresh Resources Pty Ltd Upgrade of Refrigeration for Storage Cold-room $25,000
Hopper Farms Pty Ltd Factory LED Lighting Upgrade $21,668
Fresco Cheese Co Pty Ltd PFC Unit Installation and Switchboard Upgrade $25,000
Black Hops Brewing Pty Ltd LED Lighting Upgrade $24,947
Tamborine International Pty Ltd TMD Energy Efficiency Project $19,762
Cowch Production Pty Ltd Cowch Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
JMC No 2 Pty Ltd Kenilworth Dairies Carbon Neutral Plan 2027 $25,000
Your Mates Brewing Company Pty Ltd Your Mates Energy Efficiency $25,000
Artizan Gluten Free Bakery Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Power Supply Upgrade $25,000
Ok Boocha Pty Ltd Cooling System $25,000
Fizzy Mates Pty Ltd A more energy efficient Fizz HQ $11,498
Co Yo Pty Ltd COYO Power Factor Correction $22,000
HBC Operations Pty Ltd Developing a solar powered air conditioner for breweries $25,000
Pasteio Pty Ltd Upgrading Coldrooms for Energy Saving Efficiencies $25,000
Ballistic Beer Company Pty Ltd Brewery Energy Efficiency Audit and Management $21,788
Lemon Lovers Pty Ltd Gelato Energy Efficiency Grant $25,000
Hsw Grazier No 4 Trust & Others Sprayball Optimisation $25,000
The Wholey Milk Company Pty. Ltd. Lighting and process cooling efficiency upgrades $25,000
Herbidoor Pty Ltd Herbidoor Energy Efficiency Overhaul $25,000
Ohana Winery And Exotic Fruits Pty. Ltd. Replace Winery Glycol Chiller and Install Air Curtains $10,100
Maddog United Breweries Pty Ltd All Inn Energy Efficiency $25,000
Delizia Pty. Ltd. Water Chiller Vats $25,000
Little Tuna Pty Ltd Little Tuna energy consumption review and outcomes $25,000
Hyfeed Holdings Pty Ltd Power Factor Correction $25,000
Hayman Bakehouse Pty Ltd Dean St Bakery - Power and Water Reduction $21,445
Schulte's Meat Tavern Pty Ltd Replacement of inefficient fluorescent lights with LED's $18,405
DBW&Co Pty Ltd Creating Greener Chocolate via Energy Efficient Cooling $25,000
Jil Group Pty Ltd Water Chiller and Lighting Upgrade $25,000
Christen Pty Ltd Base Production Streamline $25,000
Arak Group Pty Ltd Reduce Electricity Reliance on the Grid $25,000
Yabby Brewing Pty Ltd Yabby Brewery Towards Zero Emissions Project $25,000
Redland Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd. Doypack wash station $25,000
Freeze Dry Industries Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Optimisation of Freeze-Drying System $25,000
Perez Monasterio, Cesar Improve Temperature Reduction for Food products $14,965
Opti Grow Pty Ltd Energy efficient lighting $15,000
Cavu Distilling Pty Ltd CAVU Distilling feasibility study of energy efficiency upgrades $24,900
Glass House Brewery Pty Ltd Glass House Brewery Energy Efficiency $25,000
Flat Lizard Brewing Pty Ltd Flat Lizard Brewing Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
C.L.H.A. Pty Ltd Macadamia Energised $25,000
Robert Hensel Replace heat pasteurisation with high pressure processing of milk products $25,000
BNB Management Pty Ltd 2020 Distillery Energy Efficiency $25,000
Zika's Pastries Pty Ltd Zikas Pastries - Bakery production and energy efficiency improvements $22,500
Devil's Thumb Distillery Pty Ltd Devils Thumb Distillery - Energy Cost Reduction Programme $25,000
Lowbrau Brewing Pty Ltd Reducing electricity use and wastage in brewery water heating and cooling $18,000
4 Brothers Brewing Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Power Factor Package $13,137
Bch Metro Pty Ltd Prover replacement improving Energy use and Baker working conditions $25,000
Jean-Pierre Patisserie Pty. Limited Energy Consumption reduction project preparing for further electrification $25,000
Noosa Heads Distillery Pty Ltd Noosa Heads Distillery Energy Efficiency $25,000
Noosa Beer And Noosa Brewing Company Pty Ltd Noosa Beer and Noosa Brewing Energy Efficiency $25,000
Wholesale Food Group Pty Ltd Update facility with efficient lighting and add monitoring. $25,000
Australian Chocolate Pty Ltd Charleys -energy saving project $25,000
Salvager Pty Ltd Efficiency and Automation upgrade stage 1 $24,500
Saleyards Distillery Pty. Ltd. Still energy efficiency $25,000
Mary Valley Food Company Pty Ltd Mary Valley Food Company $21,000
Stillwater Design Pty Ltd Process Heating and Drying/Cooling Efficiency Improvement Equipment Upgrade $25,000
Byrnes Good Food Pty Limited Replacement of Conventional Oven Equipment in Regional Pastry Factory $25,000
Western Game Processing Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrade $25,000
C.P Muter & E.J Muter HVAC upgrade/replacement and Installation $25,000
Vegpro 4 Pty Ltd Onion and Potato Chilling Line Upgrades $19,210
Inglewood Poultry Farm Pty Ltd Replace boiler $25,000
Country Heritage Feeds Pty Ltd Install power factor correction $25,000
Thirsty Chiefs Pty Ltd Thirsty Chiefs Energy Efficiency $25,000
Just One Hotel Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Food Preparations $23,345
Helen's European Cuisine Pty. Ltd. New refrigerator controls for greater energy efficiency $25,000
The Outback Pie Co. Pty Ltd Refrigeration & Airconditioning Equipment Power Efficiency Upgrade $25,000
White Lies Brewing Company Pty Ltd Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency Implementation $25,000
All Fish For Dogs Pty Ltd Energy Efficiencies from Enclosed Air Filtration System $22,979
Kewpie Stockfeeds Pty. Ltd. Upgrade to Soft Start Motors in Feed Mill $25,000
High Bake Pty Ltd Prover equipment modernisation $25,000
Ten Acres Pty Ltd Bakery Production Equipment Efficiency Upgrade $25,000
Clovendoe Distilling Co. Pty Ltd Upgrade of distilling equipment for energy efficiency $25,000
Ugly Duck Preserves Pty Ltd Efficient warehouse cooling $14,373
Maralong Holdings Pty Ltd Maralong Variable Speed Compressor $25,000
Jumrum Distilling Co Pty Ltd Distil on the Hill – Sustainable and efficient Gin $23,638
Cactus Canning Pty Ltd Glycol System Install $25,000
Greensky Blended Vegetables Pty Ltd Save Water & Power. Increase Labour Efficiency. $21,554
Glutenfree Bakery Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency in Bakery $25,000
Scenic Rim Brewery Pty Ltd Scenic Rim Brewery manufacturing facility Energy Efficiency Plan Stage 4 $20,943
Ntnproduce Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrade - Vegi Processing QLD Townsville $25,000
Pixie Ice Cream Pty Ltd Light efficiencies Project $25,000
Honeypack Pty. Ltd. Honeypack Packing room efficiency upgrade $23,001
B.E Moffat & K.B Moffat Increase Energy Efficiency - Decrease Energy Use $24,620
Sea Legs Brewing Company Pty. Ltd. Sea Legs - Glycol Pipe Work & Chiller Improvement Plan 2022 $25,000
Blue Ribbon Stock Feeds Pty Ltd Power Correction Factor upgrade $25,000
4 Hunters Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency & Technological Improvements for Biltong Drying Room $25,000
I Heart Brownies Gold Coast Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency; Audit & Improvement $25,000
Kalfresh Pty Ltd Kalfresh Power Factor Correction $25,000
Planet Organic Co Pty Ltd Automatic Auger Feeder $10,370
NQ Game Meats Pty Ltd Power quality and Refrigeration system upgrades $25,000
Cauldron Distillery Pty Ltd Project Re-Energise Sustainably $24,930
Snap Fresh Pty Limited Energy Efficient Ammonia Compressor Upgrade $25,000
Storr, Christopher Creating energy efficient processes $25,000
Tommerup's Dairy Farm Pty Ltd Micro Creamery $10,620
Mouse Proof Brewing Pty Ltd Mouse Proof Brewing optimise process cooling and control $25,000
Priestley's Gourmet Delights Pty. Ltd. ECC Power Factor $25,000
Aurelien Investments Pty Ltd Replacement of existing cool room $24,536
Tamac Investments Pty Ltd Manufacture & Installation of Process Cooling Conveyor $25,000
Marquis Macadamias Ltd Lighting Upgrade to LED's $13,740
Electropops Pty Ltd Electropop Facility Energy Audit $17,000
Australian Vinegar Pty. Ltd. One Step to Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
Mary's Pasta Products Efficient Freezing $25,000
Fermental Pty Ltd Automatic Keg Washer Equipment Upgrade / Replacement $25,000
Tomarata Group Pty. Ltd. Upgrade of bottling facility $15,000
Flavour Creations Pty Ltd Flavour Creations Production Line Energy Enhancement Project $25,000
M Diaz-Petersen & G.M Petersen Fit-for-purpose equipment for energy efficiency & reduced water wastage. $25,000
Bell-Tse Pty Limited Energy audit & efficiency upgrades for environmental sustainability. $22,800
Dicer Pty Ltd Upgrades to create a more energy efficient regional SME food manufacturer $25,000
JMH Distilling Pty Ltd Imbibis Efficient Distilling via Automation $25,000
Jaques Australian Coffee Pty. Ltd. LPG to Renewable Resource Heat Pump Dryer Upgrades $25,000
B & B Network Pty Ltd Increasing energy and production efficiencies In the production of spirits. $25,000
Backa Australia Pty Ltd Backa Australia energy auditing and efficiency upgrade program $23,350
Sarge Seafoods Pty Ltd Modernise/increase efficiency of in service existing refrigeration plant $25,000
Frosty Boy Australia Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Aircon System for Food and Beverage Manufacturing Area $25,000
Anthony & Colleen Mccray ENERGY EFFICIENCY UPGRADE $19,916
Vicki Whybird Nanny Vic's Pantry $15,400
Comfy Foods Pty Ltd Replacing new equipment's will leads to improve energy efficiency. $25,000
Maca Enterprises Pty Ltd Higher Efficiency Cool Room for Seafood Processor $17,249
J Barker & K.J Barker Tin Can Meats Cold Room Equipment Upgrade $15,560


Applicant details Project title Grant amount
Fernfield (SA) Pty Ltd Priority Winemaking energy efficiency improvements from Sustainability Plan $24,822
Macro Meats - Gourmet Game Pty Ltd Energy monitoring and management $24,500
Sorby Adams Wines Pty. Ltd. Winery Air Conditioner and Energy Management $25,000
Buxtons Pty. Ltd. Buxtons Pty Ltd - System Efficiency Upgrade (Equipment) $19,710
Little Bang Brewing Company Pty Ltd Smart IOT Energy Efficient Cooling and Chilling in the Brewing Industry $25,000
Kalangadoo Cider Co Pty Ltd Replace coolroom for cider production and apple storage $25,000
Robern Menz (MFG) Pty Ltd Menz Confectionery energy productivity audit and metering project $25,000
Joseph M And Susan Evans Ballycroft Condenser Upgrade $16,364
Torresan Estate (Aust) Pty Ltd Replacement of Hot Water Boiler with high efficiency unit $25,000
Sandra Pipinis Power saving via chiller upgrade $20,800
Bliss Trade Pty. Ltd. Energy Efficiency Equipment $25,000
Chocolate Ventures Australia Pty Ltd Heat and Humidity Control and Energy Efficiency Upgrade at $23,090
Barossavale Wines Pty Ltd Refrigeration upgrade $18,182
Lenswood Cider Company Pty Ltd Lenswood Cider Company Energy Efficient Refrigeration and Storage Project $25,000
Tin Shed Distilling Company Pty Ltd Improved recovery of waste heat for distillation and mashing $11,800
Kalleske Wines Pty Ltd Increased winery cooling efficiency with modern evaporative cooling tower $25,000
Aulian Wine International Trading Pty Ltd Schubert Winery Energy Efficiency Project $15,858
Section 28 Cheese Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvements in Artisan Cheesemaking Facility $25,000
Mexican Express Pty. Ltd. Mexex: Implementation of Energy Plan $11,500
Coonawarra Wines Pty Ltd Winery Energy Savings $23,531
Flat Bread Bakery Pty Ltd Flat Bread Bakery Modernisation and Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
R.G. & R.T. Trott Pty. Ltd. Wirra Wirra Lighting Upgrade $25,000
G. Patritti & Co. Proprietary Limited Winery Lighting and Air Conditioning upgrade with Energy Management plan $25,000
Gelista Pty Ltd VSD Installation on Refrigerate compressor and Condenser $25,000
Udder Delights Australia Pty Ltd Boiler Installation $25,000
Watsacowie Brewing Company Pty Ltd Process Cooling Efficiency Improvements $25,000
Spring Gully Foods Pty Ltd Project Blue Gum $23,028
Fleurieu Milk Company Pty Ltd Production Air conditioning Upgrade – Positive Air Pressure $25,000
B.P. Margetts Pty. Ltd. Freezer Cold room Upgrade $25,000
Major Milestones Pty Ltd Equipment upgrade $25,000
Tria Prima Pty Ltd Energy Recovery in Distillation $25,000
Ferguson Australia Pty Ltd Review of energy usage $25,000
Five Star Seafoods (SA) Pty Ltd • Tank room roof insulation and Power Factor Correction $25,000
Hentley Farm Pty Ltd Hentley Farm Wines Energy Monitoring and Power Factor Correction Equipment $25,000
BTP Vintners Pty Ltd Cool Air Harvesting $25,000
B.A Roylance & R.J Roylance Roylancer Distillery Co Energy Efficiency Project $14,000
Pirathon Wines Pty Limited Pump Moisture Monitors $17,250
Australian Olive Company Pty Ltd Making Olive Oil Processing More Energy Efficient $25,000
Nova Farms Pty Ltd Upgrading Energy Management Systems and Equipment for Honey Production $25,000
Henschke Cellars Pty. Ltd. Upgrade to Powerstore PLC $25,000
Little Juniper Distilling Pty Ltd Little Juniper Energy Grant $15,793
Wicks Estate Wines Pty Ltd Winery power efficiency improvement $25,000
Blend Etiquette Pty Ltd Blend Etiquette - Condenser energy recovery system $25,000
Hayes Group Wine Company Pty. Ltd. Hayes Family Wines Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
Golden North Pty Ltd Energy Management Plan and Power Factor Correction $25,000
Pikes Beer Company Pty Ltd Installation of metering and control equipment at Pikes Brewery $12,100
Pikes Vintners Pty Ltd Installation of Evaporative air conditioning in barrel hall. $25,000
Kaizen Management Solutions Pty Ltd Improvement of energy efficiency in small scale insect farm $23,000
LCLI Pty Ltd Distillery upgrade $12,000
Sa Distilling Co Pty Ltd Heaps Efficient Project (HEP) $14,025
Lenswood Cold Stores Co-Operative Society Limited Sustainably supporting our growers, retailers and consumers $25,000
Project Wine Pty Ltd Insulation of 10 x 24,000 litre wine storage tanks $25,000
Hollick Estates Pty Limited Winery Tank Insulation Project $25,000
Fodden Trading Pty Ltd Granola Roasting Machine $21,000
C.L Jones & P.R O'connell Twin Bridges Distillery $13,315
Kay Brothers Pty Ltd Brine pipework insulation, Stage 1, Kay Brothers Pty Ltd $25,000
Salena Estate Wines Pty Ltd Salena Estates Sustainable Winemaking for Humanity $25,000
Rollbusch Quality Meats Pty. Ltd. Upgrade of existing Upright Meat Chillers $24,800
Ellvee Consulting Pty Ltd Compressed air energy efficiency in the distillery $10,950
Temple Bruer Wines Pty. Ltd. Hot water efficiency upgrade $25,000
Heathvale Wines Pty Ltd Efficient & Permanent Wine Barrel Store cooling/humidifying system & audit. $21,560
Viveri Pty Ltd Blast Chiller Energy Saving $25,000
Australia Yinmore Wines Pty Ltd Winery cooling and lighting efficiency upgrade with supporting energy audit $25,000
Vanilla Guerrilla Pty Ltd Main Hall Air Conditioner Upgrade $25,000
Mitchell Clare Pty. Ltd. Better Air $24,655
Three Fold Distilling Pty Ltd Gin Still Upgrade $25,000
Mollydooker Wines Pty Ltd Winery Tank Insulation Project $25,000
Hugh Hamilton Wines Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Conversion of 'Church' Distribution Pumps $12,880
Ingredient Innovations Pty Ltd Energy innovation in ingredients manufacture $25,000
Claymore Wines Pty. Ltd. Smart Consult Level 2 Audit $10,395
Burge Barossa Pty Ltd Burge Barossa Efficiency Programme $25,000
Elderton Wines Pty. Ltd. ReInstalling Efficient Air Conditioning at Elderton Wines' Nuriootpa Winery $18,865
Simon Tolley Pty Ltd Simon Tolley Wines - Field automation upgrade $25,000
Australian Pure Fruits Pty. Ltd. Upgrading power supply from solar energy $25,000
Auchli, Guido Energy Upgrade for Food Equipment on Vineyard $25,000
Barossa Valley Brewing Pty. Ltd. Power Factor correction Unit $18,080
Kitchenhand Pty Ltd Kitchenhand Air Conditioning Upgrade $23,998
Mclaren Vale Cheesemakers Pty Ltd Pasteurisation Vat Heating System Replacement $25,000
Teusner And Page Pty Ltd Energy Management Plan and Power Factor Correction $24,750
Giovanni & Anna Viscione Continental Taralli Biscuits Cool Room upgrade. $25,000
Australian Wine Entrepreneurs (AWE) Pty Ltd Implementation of smart winery refrigeration & scalable process automation $25,000
Wilks Built Pty Ltd Condensing is Cool $25,000
VRA Pty Ltd Closing doors to improve energy efficiency for yoghurt chilling $25,000
South Australian Wine Bottlers Pty Ltd Replacing low pressure hot water tanks $22,350
Hera Nominees (SA) Pty Ltd Meningie Bakery $25,000
House Of Carnivore Pty Ltd Cool Room and Processing Room Upgrades $25,000
Cape Jaffa Wines Pty Ltd Insulation of wine tanks $25,000
Advino Pty Ltd Install insulation on brine lines and wine tank cooling jackets. $25,000
Handcrafted Wines Pty Ltd RedHeads VSD Screw Compressor and energy audit $20,950
Jetty Road Ottoman Pty Ltd Replacing old equipment with more energy efficient models $25,000


Applicant details Project title Grant amount
Petrichor Wine Co. Pty Ltd Installation of vineyard irrigation monitoring, VSD and controller $24,580
Forager Foods Pty Ltd Installation of automated tray washing line to reduce hot water consumption $25,000
Mr Brown & Towns Pty Ltd BT Mushrooms Energy Reduction Project $25,000
Gunn, Sarah Upgrade to more energy efficient equipment for Summerleas Distillery $25,000
C.C Chapman & C Ooms Wild Pepper Isle's Native Food Processing Facility $22,070
Federation Chocolate Tas Pty Ltd Installation of in-line thermal-recycling air tunnel tempering line $25,000
Do & Pham Trading Group Pty Ltd Glebe Hill Bakery - replacing an existing oven with higher efficient oven $25,000
E.T Hamilton & M.T Hamilton Energy efficient ice cream $25,000
The Albert Brewery Pty Ltd Temperature monitoring, control and cooling $25,000
Ks Seafoods Tas Pty Ltd Increase efficiency and reduce power consumption for Blast Freezer $25,000
Malting Lagoon Brewing Co. Pty Ltd Malting Lagoon Brewing Bio-Waste Emissions Reduction Project $22,000
Seven Sheds Pty Ltd Hot water pre-heating process efficiency project $21,922
Red Cow Organics Pty Ltd Powering Cheese for the Future $18,000
Shambles Brewery Pty Ltd Shambles Brewery Centrifugal Separation $25,000
Anabioun Pty Ltd Increasing energy efficiency for unique genetics based beer brewing. $25,000
Harold Moses Distillery Efficiency Optimisation $23,200
Meru Foods Pty Ltd Air Management Energy Efficiency Improvements $25,000
Tasman Sea Salt Pty. Ltd. Ocean Heat Exchange for Sea Salt Harvesting $25,000
King Island Brewhouse Pty Ltd Energy efficient product packaging line. $25,000
The Sugar Shack Bakery Cafe Energy efficient upgrade $25,000
Medusacast Hot Water and Insulation $10,077
Tasmanian Quality Meats Pty Ltd Replace inefficient pump with new VSD pump / upgrade of manifold system $25,000
Belgrove Distillery Pty Ltd energy saving by continuous distillation $19,000
Gioconda Coffee Roasters Pty Ltd Coffee Roaster $25,000
Pure Foods Tasmania Holdings Pty Ltd PFT Energy Starter $25,000
Webby Enterprises Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvements 2022 $25,000


Applicant details Project title Grant amount
Nathan Munt Steam Boiler Replacement $25,000
Australian Pumpkin Seed Company Pty Ltd Food Manufacturing Facility Energy Use Upgrade $25,000
Garacama Pty. Ltd. Increased Insulation to improve Cool room Operation $25,000
Denfood Pty Ltd Compressed Air Efficiency Project $25,000
New World Whisky Distillery Pty Ltd Project Aldebaran $25,000
Schulz Organic Farms Pty. Ltd. Stage One of thermal energy optimisation within the Schulz Organic Dairy $25,000
Veneziano Coffee Roasters Pty Ltd Nomad Coffee Group - Energy Assessment $22,995
Osborne Olives Pty Ltd Saving Energy for Everyone's Future $24,393
Exquisine Pty. Ltd. Continuous Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
Autonomy Distillers Pty Ltd Replacement of existing distillation equipment to improve energy efficiency $22,100
B.W Wurlod & B Wurlod Thermal optimisation within the Keayang Maar Winery and Cellar Door $25,000
Ocean Reach Brewing Pty Ltd Automation for reduced power consumption $23,613
Prydes Knoxfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd Project Bird $24,640
Hop Temple Pty Ltd Energy optimisation within new artisan distillery $25,000
Gamze Group Pty Ltd Refrigeration and cooling audit and upgrade. $25,000
Stephenson, Graham Tempering Equipment $25,000
Aunty Jacks (AUS) Pty Ltd Thermal energy optimisation within the Craft Beer Centre of Excellence $25,000
Nature's Dairy Australia Pty Ltd IoT Based Energy, Water & Environmental Data Monitoring $24,820
Oasis Bakery Pty Ltd Equipment upgrade and replacement $25,000
Bulmer Farms Pty Ltd Upgrade compressed air unit to a superior energy efficient unit $25,000
Central Agri Group Pty Ltd Replace Existing Boilers with Energy Efficient Equipment $25,000
Cuvee Australia Pty Ltd Adding a Ball Mill into the Chocolate Refining Process $25,000
Festival Brewing Pty Ltd Cool Room upgrade to Higher Efficiency Equipment & Brewery Lighting $22,670
Sow & Piglets Pty Ltd Increase Efficiencies of Brewing System $25,000
Bright Brewery Australia Pty Ltd Fred's Efficiency Gain Plan $24,061
Karon Farm Coffee Pty Ltd Destoner $18,155
Bakery Domain Pty Ltd Develop roadmap for energy transformation plan $24,750
Project Brewing Company Pty Ltd Energy monitoring, optimisation, efficiency upgrades to reduce use & cost $25,000
Ambe Foods Pty Ltd Utilization of Energy Efficiently in Dairy Manufacturing $25,000
Undercover Coffee Roasters Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Initiative Undercover Roasters $25,000
Little Murray Dairies Pty Ltd Reduce energy in milk processing $25,000
Auspork Australia Pty Ltd Refrigeration plant energy efficiency optimisation via VSD's $24,865
Mortlake Organic Dairy Pty Ltd Mortlake Organic Dairy Energy Efficiency Initiatives $25,000
Mesiano Investment Trust & The Rellman Trust & Frank Mesiano Investment Trust & Mandaliti Investment Trust Refrigeration plant energy efficiency optimization via VSD $24,977
Spurwood Pty Ltd Winery Pump & Electrical System Upgrade $10,790
Dandah Distillery Pty. Ltd. Reduce energy consumption & our carbon footprint $25,000
Lenbridge Forge Pty. Ltd. Refrigeration efficiency upgrade $25,000
Hickinbotham Winemakers Pty. Ltd. Chilling improvement and barrel optimisation $22,700
P.J. Meats Pty. Ltd. Refrigeration plant energy efficiency optimisation via VSD's $24,277
Australian Cuvee Centre Pty Ltd Upgrade chilling system on linear neck freezer $25,000
Rob Dolan & Co Pty Ltd Efficiency Upgrade Fruit Receival $25,000
Prime100 Pty Ltd Install Energy Metering and Monitoring Equipment $25,000
Fin Wines Pty Ltd Tank Refrigeration $23,000
Cooee Foods Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency drive - Air Compressor Replacement $25,000
Prana Chai Pty Ltd Prana chai Energy Saver $25,000
Borodinsky Traditional Pty Ltd Rivergum bakery Borodinsky Traditional Energy program $25,000
Casterton Distilling Co. Pty Ltd Casterton Distilling $20,800
Warrabilla Wines Pty. Ltd. Energy conscious compressed air upgrade $25,000
Ks Brewing Pty Ltd Cool Room Installation $13,000
Cottage Cheese Farm Pty Ltd Factory Ventilation Improvement Project $25,000
Narkoojee Pty. Ltd. Narkoojee 3-Phase Converter Upgrade $22,224
Raffles Healthy Foods Pty. Ltd. Energy Saving Compressor Air $21,038
Sarwary, Ahmad Provide more safe services $25,000
Continental Kosher Butchers Pty Ltd Energy Audit, Energy Management and Energy Monitoring $16,480
Jack's Springs Distillery Pty Ltd Improving bottle washing systems $17,471
Pierogi Pierogi Pty Ltd Efficiencies Upgrade Project $25,000
Kumnick, Anthony Developing Cooling space and efficient hot water dispensing $25,000
Essential Flavours And Ingredients Pty Limited Essential Flavours R&I Lab extraction system upgrade $25,000
Chocolate And Confectionery Company Pty Ltd Air Compressor System Upgrade to Centralised VSD System $24,000
Front Lawn Brewing Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrades - Great Ocean Road Brewing and Cockies Beer $25,000
Mepunga Holdings Pty Ltd Timboon Distillery Solar Hot Water $25,000
Alba Cheese Manufacturing Pty Ltd Whey heat recovery $24,851
Bells Beach Brewing Pty Ltd Refrigeration Update $10,000
Harris, Jonathan Distillery Energy Efficiency Project $17,000
Bellarine Distillery Pty Ltd Whisky Distillation Heat Recovery Project $25,000
Mac Forbes Wines Pty Ltd Energy optimisation doe MacForbes Wines $25,000
Starkbrau Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvements to Manufacturing Heating and Cooling Systems $25,000
Rhino Loves Tiger Loves Bear Pty Ltd Improving energy efficiency and process in wine manufacturing. $21,357
Jamie Hughes Replace inefficient refrigeration and drying equipment $25,000
La Cantina King Valley Pty Ltd Insulated Wine Storage $24,565
Ryan Meat Company (No 2) Pty Ltd Air Compressor Improvement Project $25,000
D. & K. Golding Pty Ltd Build a Better Boiler $25,000
Smartbuildings Pty. Ltd. 3 Griffins Brewing Energy Efficient, Process Automated Equipment $25,000
Sensate Pty. Limited Hot Water Liquid Extraction System - Upgrade $25,000
Kooka Brotha's Pty. Ltd. Blast Freezer Upgrade $25,000
Poppysmack Pty Ltd Replacing old cooling system for more energy efficient $22,000
L.A Gurnett & W.J Gurnett Gurneys Cider Energy Efficiency Improvements $25,000
Melville, Gemma Fudge Manufacturing Energy Efficient Upgrade $11,436
Rocky Jones Pty Ltd Upgrade to energy efficient manufacturing equipment $20,000
Barking Owl Distilling Co. Pty. Ltd. Refrigeration, Lighting and Wash Cooling Improvement Project $20,137
Shane & Michelle Mead Energy efficient winemaking $20,693
Purrumbete Brewing Pty Ltd replacement of multiple refrigeration units with one energy saving coolroom $20,566
Love Shack Brewing Company Pty Ltd Glycol Chiller Upgrade $25,000
Lakes Entrance Fishermen Limited LEFL Power Factor Correction $25,000
Grunbiotics Pty Ltd Replacement of high energy use freezers with high energy efficiency units $24,327
Moyarra Pastoral Pty Ltd Refrigeration upgrade of refrigerated shipping container $25,000
Prokin Foods Pty Ltd Automated energy monitoring for energy efficient clean room at Prokin Foods $25,000
Colonial Leisure Group Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrades at CBCo $25,000
Main Street Beverage Company Pty Ltd Bulk Water Transfer $25,000
Brookes Beer Pty Ltd Heat Pump saves energy heating brewing water $24,000
Vitan Nominees Pty. Ltd. Upgrading Boiler to more energy efficient model. $25,000
Australian Bushfood Co Pty Ltd Replace compressor for small food manufacturing business $25,000
Techniques Incorporated Pty. Ltd. Air Supply Replacement Equipment $22,500
High Plateau Enterprises Pty Ltd Small Winery: Energy Audit & Efficiency Improvement Plan $22,196
Gippsland Jersey Pty Ltd Gippsland Jersey Energy Saving Grant FY22 $25,000
Springhill Farm Australia Pty Ltd Creating a sustainable future at Springhill Farm $25,000
Hj Estate Winery Pty Ltd Winery Ambient Temperature Efficiency Fix $17,800
Stuart Mill Olive Grove Pty Ltd Plant Monitoring system $25,000
Mckeone Cellars Pty. Limited Modernize the energy efficiency to an historic winery in Rutherglen $20,000
J.A Dredge & P.H Dredge Energy efficient forklift truck upgrade $25,000
Lf Kyneton Pty Ltd Baking Equipment Efficiency - Loka Foods $18,215
Cm & Rh Pfeiffer Tank Insulation $25,000
J & J D'aloisio Pty. Ltd. Upgrade Cold Storage Refrigeration $25,000
Chia Park Alpacas Pty Ltd Improved Chocolate Production efficiency $25,000
Burra Beer & Brewing Co Pty Ltd Energy management and efficiency Upgrade $25,000
Shp Investments Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Processes $22,820
Burnley Brewing Pty Ltd Process efficiency investigation and limited efficiency upgrades $25,000
Cedar Fox Distilling Co. Pty. Ltd. Cedar Fox Energy Initiative $19,600
Agro Foods Pty Ltd Bagging Machine Process Upgrade $25,000
Wine One Pty. Ltd. Replace inefficient cool room with energy efficient refrigeration $25,000
Kinglake Distillery Pty. Ltd. Kinglake Distillery Electrification Expansion $22,000
East Promotions Refrigeration improvements $12,195
T.T Le & T Le Replace existing equipment $17,040
Edwards Fischl Pty Ltd RetrECOfit Urban Winery $25,000
Ma Food Group Pty Ltd Making Melbourne Arancini more Energy Efficient $23,000
Stanton & Killeen Pty Ltd Stanton & Killeen Winery Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
Charniss Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrade - Gywnne Street $25,000
Beyond Boot Camp & Personal Training Juice Culture - Energy Reduction Project $25,000
La Naval Services Pty Ltd Energy efficient value added cheese processing $25,000
Delatite Wines Pty Ltd Upgrade Coolroom $25,000
Lizzy's Chocolate Creations Proprietary Limited Energy Efficiency Equipment replacement. $25,000
Molly Rose Brewing Company Pty Ltd Tank Chilling Line Upgrades $25,000
Bridges Brothers Pty Ltd Production Distillery $24,000
Bellevue Orchard Pty Ltd 2022 Energy Efficiency $25,000
Treat Enterprises Pty Ltd Asset Sub-Metering, Energy Management Plan and Waste-Heat Recovery $21,700
Elixir Signature Pty. Ltd. EEC Project $25,000
Grampians Ale Works Pty Ltd Microbrewery Energy Efficiencies Improvement Project $25,000
Chinese Gourmet Express Pty. Ltd. Cooling tunnel freezer, Ventilation and solar panels installation $25,000
On Point Brewing Co Pty Ltd Switchboard Upgrade and energy management installation $22,587
Two Bays Brewing Co Pty Ltd Improve our energy efficiency of our glycol chillers $25,000
Barrand Investments Pty Ltd Project: Improve Energy efficiency in our workplace. $25,000
A Local Group Pty Ltd Local brewing Co Energy Efficiency uplift Project $25,000
Bellarine Foods Pty Limited Installation of flow sensors and Variable Speed Pumps $25,000
Inner North Brewing Company Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency and Heating and Cooling Process Improvements $25,000
The Food Revolution Group Ltd Steam System Improvement $24,631
Cub Pty Ltd Matilda Bay Brewery Energy Optimisation and Offset Program $20,471
Gin Down Under Pty Ltd Energy efficiency for Gindu $15,000
Brewicolo Brewing Company Pty. Ltd. BeerMonitor $11,734
Bootleggers & Co Pty Ltd Noble Bootleggers Distilling Co power supply install and air-con upgrades $11,364
Cadopen Pty. Limited chiller room upgrade $25,000
Domaine Chandon Australia Pty. Ltd. Domaine Chandon Winery & Vineyard Facility Energy Audit and Energy Planning $24,950
Three Legged Cow Brewing Pty Ltd Cooling and Heating Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
Rogue Wave Pty Ltd Brewery Control System Upgrade $25,000
Dollar Sweets Company Pty. Limited Sweet success for Dollar Sweets via Major Energy Efficiency Investment $25,000
The Nieve Company Pty Ltd Power Factor Correction – 200kVAr $22,341
G & A Eydlish And Sons Pty. Ltd. Investing into Energy Efficient Practices for Maltra Foods Business $25,000
Dr Robert P Christopher Pty. Ltd. Bonfire Station Brewing Energy efficient wort chiller upgrade $25,000
Ampersand Creative Holdings Pty Ltd Addition of Still Control System to Improve Energy Use Performance $25,000
Aussie Growers Fruits Australasia Pty Ltd Gas Fired Boiler Replacement $25,000
Jessica Market Trading Pty Ltd Replacing current freezer container $25,000
Pheagles Pty Ltd Relocating condensers and upgrading lighting at Bakers Delight $10,500
Mentor Systems Pty. Ltd. Momentum 2022 - making intelligent & sustainable energy choices $25,000
Provico Australia Pty Ltd Cooling Water Recirculation Pumps VSD's $22,000
I Am Company Pty Ltd Cool Room Upgrade - Alphington Manufacturing site. $25,000
Edgemill Group Pty Ltd Replace Electric Elements with Heating Pump $25,000
Sunshine Creek Management Pty Ltd Sub-metering and Wine Cooling Control System $23,220
Campari Australia Pty Ltd Hot Water Optimisation $25,000
Wild Life Brewing Pty Ltd New equipment installation $12,002
Golden Hills Brewery Pty Ltd Brewery efficiency with heat exchangers, holding tanks & air circulation $25,000
Quality Dairy Foods Pty Ltd Reduced energy in specialty cheese production $24,859
Kooyong Winery Pty Ltd Replacement of LPG Hot Water Boilers with Energy Efficient Heat Pumps $22,000
Pane Bianco Group Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Improvements of Cool Room and Provers $25,000
Wayne Bourke Replacement of cooling for Still $25,000
Assatrian, Marina Replacing Cool Room Refrigeration efficiency $11,636
Victorian Alps Wine Company Pty Ltd Lowering refrigeration Energy usage via strategic investments in innovation $25,000
Farm Foods Pty Ltd Upgrade technology to reduce energy consumption $25,000
Shadowfax Winery Pty Ltd Variable capacity tank $21,920
Authentic Mexican Foods Pty Ltd Authentic Mexican Foods power supply and process controls upgrades $25,000
Harigon Pty. Ltd. Rapid Freezer Door System $25,000
Daicom Australia Pty Ltd Purchase and install new energy efficient chiller $25,000
Hq2 Food & Beverage Solutions Pty Ltd Meeting the Future Challenges $25,000
Old Evropa Pty Ltd New Salva NXD 3 Deck Oven $25,000
Gelato Productions Pty Ltd Optimisation of Energy Consumption with Water Chiller Systems $25,000
Swon Investments Pty Ltd Upgrade to coolroom refrigeration $25,000
Bad Shepherd Brewing Co. Pty Ltd Air Compressor Energy Efficiency $12,886
Coburg Wine Collective Pty Ltd Replace inefficient Embraco NJ9238GK compressor with Kreyer Chilly Max 110 $15,400
Craftwork Coffee Roasting Company Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Program $15,300
King & Co Investments Pty Ltd Crank Handle Brewery Energy Efficient Upgrade $10,000
High Country Spirit Pty Ltd Wastewater Recycling System $25,000
Sparkling Beverages Pty Ltd Energy efficient, reduction of environmental wastage for a better tomorrow $25,000
Australian Spirit Company Pty Ltd Introduce Energy Efficient Distillery Equipment $25,000
M J & B A Nagorcka Pty Ltd Waltanna Farms BioFuel recovery project $25,000
Remedy Kombucha Pty Ltd Reduced energy consumption through heat recovery from refrigeration plant $18,930
Enk Group Pty Ltd Croissant Production Cooling $25,000
Stomping Ground Brewing Company Pty Ltd Improve energy monitoring and usage at Stomping Ground Brewing $25,000
Silly Yak Foods Pty. Ltd. Bakery Oven Replacement $25,000
Makbak Pty Ltd Upgrade of freezer controls & valves $25,000
Golden Health Pty Ltd HVAC energy efficiency upgrade $25,000
Ewan Fotheringham Upgrade donut frying capacity by increasing energy efficiency $25,000
Burra Foods Pty. Ltd. Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade $25,000
Jakamvi Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Baking Area Works $25,000
Dieu Tran Coolroom Replacement $25,000
Great Ocean Road Gin Pty Ltd reducing energy consumption in storing botanicals for gin $13,340
Grounded Pleasures Pty Ltd Energy efficient, continuous heated water loop $25,000
Cheetham Salt Limited Energy Efficiency Audit $24,905
Ostra Distillers Pty Ltd Ostra Distillers boiler burner upgrade and CO2 monitor installation $25,000
Imbue Distillery Pty. Ltd. Energy Efficient Upgrades to Distillation Process $25,000
Heather Brae Shortbreads Pty Ltd Heather Brae Manufacturing Energy Efficient Power Factor Correction Program $25,000
P.F.A. Distributors Pty. Ltd. New Energy Efficient Machinery to Optimise PFA Operations $25,000
Poultry Plus (VIC) Pty. Ltd. Rapid Close Door investment in Cool Room for energy efficiency at PPV. $25,000
Poultry Plus Distributors Pty. Ltd. Energy Monitoring capability for PPD to decrease energy usage $25,000
Union Beverages Pty Ltd Glass Bottling infrastructure Upgrade $25,000
Harwood Grains Pty Ltd Harwood Grains air compressor upgrade $25,000
Alchemy Distillers Pty. Ltd. Waste water management upgrade $25,000
Dromana Estate Services Pty Ltd Efficiency Upgrade and Opportunity Assessment $24,200
B & T Adventures Pty Ltd High Country Dairy air-conditioning, cool room and switchboard upgrade $25,000
Dream Getter Group Pty Ltd Save energy in seoulmeats $22,000
Basak Enterprises Pty Ltd New Dough Machine $24,000
Solid Pty Ltd Regional Pet Treat Energy & Process Improvement in Manufacturing cluster. $21,550
Bettermake Pty. Ltd. Bettermake P/L - Replacing Filler Machine. $20,000
Tarago River Cheese Co. Pty. Ltd. Boiler Efficiency Upgrade $25,000
Shnajzner Enterprises Pty Ltd Upgrade Air-conditioner and Refrigeration for Cheese Manufacturing Business $19,800
Bendigo Honey Pty Ltd Energy Reduction - Sawmill Rd $25,000
Salam, Abdul Process Cooling and Waste Management $25,000
Marathon Food Industries Proprietary Limited Investment in monitoring solutions to reduce energy use at Marathon Foods $25,000
Cabbage Truck Design Pty Ltd Blast-Freezing PLC Control modernisation and fitting EC Motors to Condenser $25,000
Weilong Trading Pty Ltd Sub-meter Integration, Energy Management and Chiller Optimisation $22,450
Smybb Pty Ltd THE GO GREEN CHALLENGE $25,000
Nmex Pty Ltd Upgrade of vintage oven to new energy efficiency oven $25,000
Multi Bev Co Pty Ltd Insulation of fluid distribution system containing cold fluids $25,000


Applicant details Project title Grant amount
A & O Investments Pty Ltd Implementation of an efficient multi-pass bakery oven and equipment review $25,000
Oakover Vineyards Pty Ltd Chiller Shed Refurbishment $25,000
Rocky Ridge Brewing Co Pty Ltd Chiller Efficiency Upgrade $25,000
Valley Lodge Pty Ltd Chef's Delight Colder Kitchen $24,930
Thompson, Peter “Cool Wine”: energy-efficient cooling for sustainable wine production $25,000
The Tailor Made Spirits Company Limited Install distillery process automation and process cooling equipment $25,000
Impi Brewing Pty Ltd Improving Brewery Energy Efficiency - Kettle Replacement Project $25,000
Gloria Dieu Pty Ltd Sustainable Value adding to Fresh Fruit $25,000
Bradley Rose Creating an Australian First Game changer in the coffee industry $10,000
Postcode Honey Pty Ltd Postcode Honey Heating and Cooling Efficiency Project $25,000
M Eckersley & R.G Eckersley Yambellup power inverter upgrade $21,450
Gillian Anderson Cooler Rooms, Efficient Lighting and Better Wine $25,000
Mandurah Quay Resort Pty Ltd Coolroom expansion $25,000
Eagle Bay Brewing Co Pty Ltd Energy efficient upgrade to brewery cooling system $25,000
M Smith & D. Spencer-Smith Efficient Cooling / Heating System for Wine Production $22,800
T & J.J Nominees Pty Ltd Brewery Energy Reduction and shelf life optimisation $25,000
Cumbers Wa Pty Ltd Vineyard 28 - Energy Saving Project 2022 $17,480
Modular Brewing Pty. Ltd. Energy Audit and Installation of Smart Energy Metering & Monitoring System $23,420
Midwest Beef Processors Pty Ltd CONDENSER UPGRADE $25,000
Freestyle Brewing Pty. Ltd. Freestyle Cooling System Upgrade $25,000
Heaton Enterprises Pty Ltd & Mcappion Enterprises Pty Ltd Thorny Devil Brewery Energy Efficiency Upgrade Project $25,000
Fremantle Distillery Pty Ltd Energy Audit and Installation of Smart Energy Metering & Monitoring System $24,360
Wedgetail Brewing (WA) Pty Ltd Energy Audit and Installation of Smart Energy Monitoring & Metering System $23,420
Whipper Snapper Distillery Ltd Boiler replacement $25,000
Enigma Beverage Co Pty Ltd Distillation Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
GBY Co. Pty Ltd Energy Audit and Installation of Smart Energy Monitoring &Metering System $24,830
Alligator Laboratories Pty Ltd Production efficiency improvement project $18,000
Miami Bakehouse Pty Ltd Miami Bakehouse Energy Efficiency Improvement Project $25,000
Lawnbrook Holdings Pty Ltd Evaluation of modern distilling equipment and processes $15,060
Jardin Estate Pty Ltd Energy Audit and Installation of Smart Energy Monitoring &Metering System $24,890
Anchor Foods Pty Ltd Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Grants $25,000
Spinifex Brewery Limited Energy Audit and Installation of Smart Energy Metering & Monitoring System $24,540
Australian Nectar Pty Ltd Nectar Processing Efficiency Upgrade $25,000
Howard Park Wines Pty Ltd Electrical Energy Audit, Howard Park Winery $25,000
Cape Naturaliste Dairy Company Pty Ltd Cape Naturaliste Dairy Energy Efficient Savings $25,000
The Blasta Group Pty. Ltd. Air Compressor Upgrade $25,000
Geographe Bay Brewing Co Pty Ltd Shelter Brewing Co. Energy Audit & Equipment Upgrade $25,000
Mondino Pty Ltd Mondo Nougat Efficiency Program 2022 $25,000
Hutton, Bradley Increased efficiency using COOLFIT pre-insulated system for glycol delivery $25,000
Wholefood Enterprises Pty Ltd Chris' Kitchen Energy Renew - Phase 1 $25,000
Aulong Int'l (Australia) Pty Ltd Energy efficient equipment improvement at mushroom farm $25,000
Mondo Doro Pty Ltd Lighting Upgrade $25,000
Ritual Brewing Pty Ltd Project Wingspan 2022 $25,000
NB Gourmet Pty Ltd Increase Oven Efficiency of Cracker Biscuit Line $25,000
Amberches Spirits Distillery Pty Ltd Still upgrade - Power consumption decrease $21,042
G Baggio & G Baggio & F Borriello Freezer Upgrade $20,581
Upper Reach Pty Ltd Replacement of Winery Chiller System, Pumps & Pipework $25,000
McRobert Distillery Pty Ltd Install variable capacity high ambient Glycol Cooling chiller system $21,720
Tiny Turtle Baby Food Pty Ltd Cooking Efficiency Upgrade Project $13,593
Elmar's Smallgoods Pty Ltd Energy Audit and Installation of Smart Energy Monitoring & Metering System $24,910
Kettridges Pty Ltd Installation of Power Correction Panel to Stabilise Energy Supply $16,000
Pure And Healthy Pty Ltd Refrigeration improvement $25,000
Hillside Meat Processors Pty Ltd Energy efficiency upgrade to carcass chiller refrigeration compressor rack $25,000
Food Australia Group Pty Ltd Providore Energy Upgrades $14,000
R.L Cail & N.J Metz Alcohol removal in Beer - Reconfiguring for Efficiency $24,671
The Margaret River Chocolate Company Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Chocolate Tank $25,000
The Beer Farm Pty Ltd Energy Saving through Monitoring & Heat Exchanger Upgrade $22,609
A.E Christidis & H.B Christidis Replacement of inefficient chiller $24,090
Fortunate Palace Pty Ltd Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Noodle Manufacturing $25,000
Wide Open Agriculture Ltd Plans to Reduce Power Consumption and Increase use of Renewables $25,000
Kommunity Brewing Company Pty Ltd Thermal Management of Heating and Cool during Primary Production $25,000
Mila Holdings Pty Ltd Brewery Energy Efficiency upgrade $24,683
North West Brewing Company Pty Ltd Energy Audit and Installation of Smart Energy Metering & Monitoring System $24,930
Two Lost Pilots Pty Ltd More efficient climate control in chocolate manufacturing $25,000
Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co Pty Ltd Compressor and Cool room improvement $25,000
Proplan Meats Pty Ltd Upgrading of Existing Biltong Drying Rooms $10,000
Melville Park Pty Ltd Melville Park Dairy Upgrade $25,000
Passchendaele Ridge Pty Ltd Purchase of Flotation System and Transition to LED Lighting in Winery $18,607
Mancini Enterprises Pty Ltd Cool Runnings $20,000
Fremantle Octopus Pty Ltd Fremantle Octopus – Lighting Motion Sensors & Energy Monitoring Upgrades $25,000
Republic Of Fremantle Distilling Co Pty Ltd Republic of Fremantle - Reclaiming and Re-using Heat $21,756
Thombro Pty Ltd Lawley's Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
Fins Seafood Factory Pty Ltd Fins Seafood Lighting Project $10,000
Bll Foods Pty Ltd Belmar foods - Air Compressor system and Pasta Pasteurizer upgrade $25,000
Fresh Food Industries Pty Ltd Installation of Energy and Process Monitoring Equipment $25,000
Y & P (WA) Pty Ltd New Energy Efficient Distillation Unit $25,000
Mchenry Hohnen Vintners Pty Ltd Manufacturing Cooling Efficiency $25,000
Hopbroker Pty Ltd Maximising Boiler and Heating Efficiency in the Brewery $25,000
Saruman Holdings Pty Ltd Winery Upgrade to Reduce Energy Wastage $25,000
Little Home Bakery Pty Ltd Energy monitoring and management system at Little Home Bakery $24,750
Foodfolk Australia Pty Ltd LED Lighting Upgrade for Energy Savings, Carbon Reduction & OHS Compliance $25,000

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